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Sales Engineer Role For Global Manufacturer Filled In One Month 


A global manufacturer that provides automation solutions was looking for their next sales engineer but was coming up short. The company struggled to find candidates that met their standards and sought outside talent acquisition resources to aid in the search. They were looking specifically for a candidate who had experience working as a sales engineer for industrial drives instead of HVAC drives, which proved difficult to find in the Chicago area. With a goal to find total talent alignment in a timely manner, the manufacturer entrusted the search to NCW. 


Our NCW sales team had no previous relationship or connections with this global client, so they knew that delivering results would be crucial. The client’s previous relationships with talent acquisition partners had left them disappointed and they hoped NCW could deliver the high-caliber candidate they needed. They were eager to see what type of candidates our NCW team could ultimately submit to them for hiring.  

Our team got to work on the order immediately, focusing on filling the open position located in Chicago. Working in the drives, controllers, and industrial space for years, our team had built up an arsenal of candidates with experience in the client’s product line. After searching through NCW’s proprietary database of over 440,000 candidates and vetting referrals it was ultimately top-of-the-line pipeline management that came into play when it was time to fill this role. Our NCW Team manages their pipeline by staying in close contact with high-quality candidates who may be fit for new roles such as this one. Our team works hard to find candidates the right job in a timely manner and staying in touch with them to ensure that they are never left behind. While waiting for their next opportunity our team stays in touch with pipelined candidates through phone calls, email, and personal notes expressing our efforts to place them in a new role. When the pipeline is managed well, we can more efficiently find the candidates that will be a fit for a new order. 


Within the first month of the search, NCW was able to find the manufacturer’s ideal candidate for the role in Chicago. The candidate received an offer because of their experience and skill, and ultimately chose to accept the role. After the Candidate accepted the offer, the client signed the client signed a contract with NCW to provide talent for future needs. Additional roles they were looking to fill included: 

–        Sales Engineer in Philadelphia 

–        Software Engineers 

–        Product Engineers 

The client’s search for a Chicago based sales engineer was reduced to a one-month fill time after engaging NCW in the process, Which made the client eager to continue partnering with NCW.