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NCW has been named 13th on the Indianapolis Business Journal (IBJ) – Fast 25. Each year the IBJ recognizes the top 25 fastest-growing privately-held companies in Indianapolis.

Award Eligibility Requirements:

  • The company must have had revenue increases each year from FY 2019 through FY 2021
  • Revenue for FY 2019 must have been greater than $1M
  • The company must have been founded prior to FY 2019
  • The company must be an independent, privately-held, for-profit corporation, proprietorship, or partnership through December 31, 2021 (not a subsidiary or division of a parent company)
  • The company must be based in the Indianapolis area (Marion County, contiguous counties, or Madison County)

We were honored to receive a place on this list and overjoyed when we found out we ranked 13 out of the 25 fastest-growing companies in Indy. The 25 companies are ranked based on revenue growth over the most recent three-year period. Our revenue has significantly grown in the last couple of years despite the ups and downs of the economy. We are grateful for our growth over the previous three years, but we have plans for continued growth in 2022 and beyond and hope to be in the top 10 in future years.

Success Factors

Our marketing team interviewed some of our employees around the office and asked what they thought were the most significant influences for NCW’s recent growth. The three biggest themes we identified from the responses are listed below:

  1.   Commitment to Core Values

Each employee at NCW was hand-picked for a reason. Each of us at NCW embodies our core values in our own ways, creating palpable energy. NCW Recruiting Administrator, Ravan Hunter said, “The energy is real, and you can feel it no matter where you work. NCW’s Core Values (the intent, the heart, the root) that drive NCW’s success are/or should be a way of life as to how you interact with others no matter who they are or what position they have at the company.” Our intent and ability to help others succeed in any way, shape, or form is how we like to measure success. When we give, we receive.

  1.   Low Power Distance

Every individual at NCW has a voice that is heard regardless of tenure or title. We are fiercely committed to our core values and maintaining our culture. This may be cliché, but at NCW, it’s real. “We all truly want NCW to win,” said NCW Recruiter, Jared Schall. “We do things the right way, and our team always works hard and plays hard. The low power distance between leadership and employees makes it an even playing field, and we all feel our voice is heard. It is crazy to see the great ideas sparked when people aren’t afraid to speak up.” We believe that no idea is bad; we are always willing to try out new initiatives and strategies, and if we fall short, we learn from our shortcomings. An environment where everyone feels empowered to share their ideas fosters collaboration and innovation, leading to the tremendous growth we’re experiencing.

  1. Culture (Individuality)

Everyone at NCW has their own “business” and helped create an ambitious, lively culture. NCW Business Development & Recruiter, Maria Sirounis said, “The environment is lively, inclusive, and understanding. When I interviewed, I walked to the interview room past golf putters and Usher blasting through the speakers. I was shocked that there is an understood accountability factor of working, but everyone is excited to come to work.” We have created a work environment where each employee is allowed to grow their personal brand while directly influencing the growth of NCW. We are all taught to view our clients and candidates as extensions of our team and go the extra mile for them.

While the ingredient list continues, our commitment to our core values, low power distance, and culture take the lead when it comes to our success.

NCW in 2022 & Beyond

Our team is thrilled with our growth and honored to be 13 on the IBJ Fast 25 list, but we do not want to stop here. As we continue to advance, we want to hold each other accountable and push each other to reach our individual and company goals. In a market that is presently very competitive, we are guided by our will to win. So far, it’s led us in the right direction. Pursuing the wins must also include accountability to each other to do what we say. Our discipline starts with our leadership team, but you can see it across all departments at NCW. The recognition belongs to the NCW family at large (our internal staff, field employees, and partners).

Growth is a team effort. NCW Vice President, Dan Mattingly, said, “For me, the Fast 25 award is gratifying because we’re not a startup, but rather a 22-year-old firm, and we’re in a competitive space, and both of those make our position on the list less likely. However, credit for this award and any award we’ve won goes to our entire team. Our growth in the last few years hasn’t been isolated to one business segment. We have made massive strides across the board, which comes from holding ourselves to high standards in every corner of the organization. We went on a hiring tear for years, loading up on the right people when we found them, regardless of whether we had an immediate need. We’ve since prided ourselves on being patient with that group, who were smart when they got here and wanted to make a difference daily but often came to us young and from outside the industry. I think the Fast 25 award signals that those folks now have a lot of their momentum, and I’m excited to see where they take us in the coming years.” We intend to build on this momentum in the back half of 2022 and the years ahead.