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The Challenge

The construction industry is too familiar with the stressors of when a crucial project starts to fall off track. Whether it’s additional inspections or permits, a drastic summer storm, or an employee shutdown, individuals running the scene are constantly being pulled in opposite directions to keep the project moving. A new client of NCW, Rick Sebek, of TDS Erectors & Crane Service, needed qualified employees for a project he was heading up. Sebek was looking for temporary employees on short notice and knew he would need external resources to help fill the roles. The crew would need multiple skilled crane and machine operators in a rural town down in southern Arkansas and was having trouble getting the right people for the job.

Our Solution

Sebek then reached out to NCW and started to see how his problems could be solved. The NCW Construction Craft Team knew the roles needed to be filled immediately and wasted no time getting ready to fill the roles. The team worked through NCW’s proprietary database searching for qualified candidates within the remote area. Within one week, the team immediately found skilled operators to start at the site right away. Two days into the project, one worker fell ill, but the NCW team quickly found a replacement employee within a short 36 hours.

The Results

The TDS team experienced no downtime during the shutdown. NCW was able to quickly fill the crucial roles of the project and even found an additional replacement candidate to help as well. The TDS team experienced no downtime at the job site and kept on pace with their project goals. Sebek acknowledged that it was not only the speed of the service but also NCW’s ability to recruit highly skilled individuals for the roles needed. The bump in the road that Sebek almost had to face was completely fixed by the swift action taken by the NCW team.

NCW was extremely professional and knowledgeable about what we needed to have done in my situation. They immediately returned phone calls and kept cordial while I was in a bind.

– Rick Sebek, TDS Erectors & Crane Service