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Indianapolis, IN, June 6, 2022 — NCW, a professional recruiting firm, and temporary employment agency, is gearing up for its 9th annual internship program.

The 10-week program kicked off on June 6th, 2022 at NCW’s Headquarters in Indianapolis, and offers full-time paid internship opportunities for current undergraduate students. The program features hands-on experience in recruiting, marketing, and accounting.


“All facets of the business we are in can be hard. We try to control our environment for success in many ways and who we choose for our internship program feeds into that. They make a difference, not only to our culture but to the company’s overall strategic vision.”

Dan Mattingly, Co-Owner & Vice President, NCW


Interns will have the opportunity to amplify their business experience and acumen through cross-functional engagement. Recruiting interns will be responsible for sourcing, interviewing, and working directly in other capacities. Marketing and Accounting interns will be responsible for maintaining and assisting with business operations and functions.


The 2022 NCW Internship program will work with 7 interns currently enrolled in undergraduate programs at Purdue University, Hanover College, Clemson University, Butler University, and Indiana University. Participating in the internship can lead to full-time positions post-graduation with competitive pay at NCW. Departments participating in the program include Recruiting, Marketing, and Payroll/Billing. Interns will have distinct goals, development opportunities, and interactive activities throughout the 10-week program. Their contribution will provide a direct impact on NCW’s strategic focus and goals. Students will also deliver a final capstone presentation dubbed Intern Ignite Day to NCW Leadership.


In addition to the departmental projects, NCW will also be hosting an Intern Speaker Series weekly. These workshops will alternate among different members of NCW leadership, who will explain their roles and offer guidance to the students throughout their internship.


“When I was an intern in the program in 2020 I was able to see myself have an immediate impact on the company. I feel like you don’t see that often in other internship programs, and I hope this cohort will take advantage of the opportunities presented to them.”

Ashley Steffes, Brand Coordinator & Recruiting Intern Class of 2020


About NCW

Dedicated to finding top companies’ top talent, NCW is a trusted staffing & recruiting firm headquartered in Indianapolis, IN. Specializing in eight core industries NCW works to set the bar for talent solutions firms across the country. NCW serves both candidates and clients from 5 different office locations. NCW has previously been named a Top Workplace in 2021 and ranked 4184 on the 2021 Inc. 5000 list. Learn more about NCW here.


History of the NCW Internship Program


NCW hosted its first intern in 2013 with the objective of helping young talent develop their skills in recruiting. Since 2013, the internship program has expanded, still focusing on recruiting but also offering positions in HR, Back Office, and Marketing. NCW has a history of recruiting former interns to full-time positions post their graduation from their respective undergraduate degree programs. Including,


  • David Klene, 2021 IUPUI Graduate and current Recruiting & Sales Manager
  • Lucas Rice, 2021 IUPUI Graduate and current Recruiting & Sales Manager
  • Ashley Steffes 2021 Butler Graduate and current Brand Coordinator
  • Caroline Stark 2016 Butler Graduate and current Marketing Specialist


Class of 2022 NCW Interns


Jackson Thompson, Purdue University, Integrated Business & Engineering

Riley Cook, Hanover College, Art & Design and Business

Kyah Inskeep, Clemson University, Business Management

Morgan Pruss, Butler University, Marketing & Management Information Systems

Maya Joseph, Butler University, Psychology & Organizational Communications

Abigail Long, Indiana University, Marketing & Business Analytics

Vaughn Ernst, Butler University, Marketing & Finance



Company Contact

Kayla Clark

(765) 439-0113