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Are you interested in working in the trades? Or are you currently in the trades and are looking to advance your career? Take a look into apprenticeships! NCW provides apprenticeship program opportunities to field employees looking to build their skills through three associations: Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC), Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), and the American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA). The benefits of apprenticeships are endless, but we wanted to take the time to provide a few of the most prominent. Our team met with Tim Oberg, Senior Apprenticeship and Training Coordinator at IEC, to provide more information.  

Adding More Knowledge to Your Toolbox 

One of the primary benefits of apprenticeship is increasing your knowledge base. Because the construction industry is merit-based, you can be worth more than peers who have not gone through an apprenticeship program. The training is hands-on, allowing participants to learn faster and more efficiently and thus adding more tools and skills to the individual. 

Earn While You Learn 

Other benefits of apprenticeship is the ability to earn an income while doing your program training. While in the program, you will still be able to work full-time, enabling you to still do the things important to your life. This helps individuals to not worry about having to make the choice of increasing their knowledge or providing for themselves and or dependents.  

Career Growth Potential 

Many electricians in the field today are in the latter stages of their careers. In 5 years, there will be a 20% drop in the available workforce of licensed electricians. With the current aging workforce, many new positions are expected to open for young electricians looking to advance their careers. With the skills and knowledge from apprenticeship programs, graduates can later look for opportunities in construction management positions. 

2022 IEC Apprentice of the Year Competition

The benefits of apprenticeship programs are vast, and every construction tradesperson should consider investing their time into one because of the long-term benefits. Oberg states, “apprenticeship is about increasing your worth, in merit-based industries. Your worth determines your wage and your opportunities. Those who work hard get paid more.” By enrolling in a program today, you can see lasting benefits throughout your lifetime. Looking to get enrolled? Contact Brian Balog at bbalog@www.teamncw.com for more information.  

Check out more information here: Apprenticeship Program Flyer

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