Female Construction Worker

Only 10.3%. Of what you might ask? This, 10.3% is the percentage of female construction workers in the industry, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The meagre number of women in construction is staggering when compared to the 50% female representation in the general workforce. Women in construction roles have been few for years, but recently, the numbers have been changing for the better. That’s why this month, we are celebrating Women’s History Month 2022 by promoting and supporting the career growth of women in construction.

Supporting the New Wave of Construction

Women today are less afraid to make the jump because of the courageous women that paved the road years before. Now, more than ever, organizations focused on building careers for women in construction are becoming more prevalent. Organizations like NAWIC, have been working to give women a voice in the industry and have established “Women in Construction Week™” (Mar. 6th – 12th) to celebrate the hardworking individuals in the male-dominated profession.

During Women in Construction Week™, we are looking inward at our own field employees, where women are still the minority in comparison to males. But within recent years, we have seen an upward tick of women in construction roles. Back in 2019, our field employee workforce was only 10.63% women. In 2021, our workforce saw an increase in female workers with 23.55% of the workforce share, crushing the industry standard numbers. We are elated for this minority growth in our workforce, but we know that we cannot be content where we stand now. We are eager to provide more for female construction workers by promoting our career-enhancing opportunities. These opportunities include our paid apprenticeship and certification programs, facilitated by our Field Support team, through organizations like ABC, IEC, and AFSA. We believe in the continuous skill and career growth of our employees allowing them to break into leadership roles. As Ruth Bader Ginsburg once said, “Women belong in all places where decisions are being made.”

Highlighting Women in Construction

Every month at NCW, we highlight outstanding employees for their dedication and hard work put towards their craft. This month, Esmeralda was nominated and won MVP for her outstanding work performance. It has been noted by our Field Support staff that “she has an unbelievable work ethic and expertise put towards her craft that you don’t find in just anyone, Esmeralda is unique and we are so glad to have her on our team.”

We also took the time to talk with, Mercedes, a project manager from Colorado, about her experience as a leader in the construction world.

“20 years ago, I was the only female in the room, almost always. Now, everywhere I go, I see another woman in a construction role, and it makes me so glad to see that other women are joining and doing great work in this industry. Before, everything in the industry was male-focused, work boots, gloves, etc., but now, you are starting to see stores lined up with items made for women. I am excited to see when women finally make up at least half of the construction workforce because women should be involved just as much as men in building America. I am glad that young ladies can see me at work and know that they have the ability to be a construction leader too.

Because of women like Esmeralda and Mercedes, young girls can see that a career in construction can pave way for a lifetime of opportunity. NCW is proud to have outstanding women in construction careers who stand out on the job site not because of their gender, but because of their work ethic and skill. Take a moment this week to recognize a woman you know that works in the construction industry and tag us @teamncw. While you’re at it, take a look at another one of our blogs highlighting women here.