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A Call to Action: Relief for Colorado Fire Victims  

On December 30th, 2021, a tragedy struck our Denver office’s backyard. Over 900 homes and businesses in Boulder County, CO, were destroyed when fires spread over 10 square miles. Hundreds of families were left without homes, many others returned to a damaged house with no heat to start off the New Year. Colorado is no stranger to wildfires; however, the speed and scope of the off-season city fire caught the community by surprise. What has now been called “The Marshall Fire,” was classified as the most destructive in Colorado history 

Calling the Team to Action 

Recruiting and Sales Manager, Lauren Oakes, had an idea to help her CO community, so we rallied the rest of the NCW team were called to action to provide some support.  

The NCW service committee requested donations from NCW staff across the country, these donations would support the grieving Boulder community and displaced families who were left to pick up the pieces. With space heaters, blankets, clothes, and food in high demand, it made sense that our donations would go towards purchasing gift cards for families to use however they needed. Impressed by the organization’s ability to adapt to aid in the relief for the Marshall Fire victims, We chose to partner with the Sister Carmen Community Center to distribute the funds raised. Sister Carmen is a non-religious nonprofit organization that offers family resources to residents of East Boulder.  

Even though the fires did not occur in the Indianapolis community our team is like a family and reacted as a whole, if it happened in the backyard of one of our offices- it happened to all of us. It would be easy for people to brush it off since it is not in their backyard, but we came together in a time of great need. 

It is important to be seen as a company that is always willing to lend a helping hand. To us going “Beyond Our Walls” is looking out for your community and finding ways you can provide support, whether that be anything from volunteering to donating. 

Learn more about our other core values here. 

Why did we decide to partner with the Sister Carmen Community Center (SCCC)?  

SCCC had a strong presence in the Boulder County community, and quickly adapted to help with the fires. They were open to having our team directly interact with some of the fire victims we would be helping.  

When we gave SCCC our donation they were super grateful. They had been running through donated gift cards and cash at a rapid rate and our donation helped ease that burden. 

How You Can Help

As the community recovers, NCW is proud to have played a small role in the relief efforts, but we recognize there is far more to be done. Monetary donations are appreciated due to the amplitude of the loss in the community. Red Cross and the Colorado Disaster Relief Fund are two high-level resources, as well as the Sister Carmen Community Center for a community-based partnership.  

If you or someone you know was affected by the Marshall Fire, visit the Boulder County disasters site for the latest news and assistance resources.