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Are you a result oriented relationship builder and a strong communicator?

Read more to see why an Account Manager Position may be right for you. 


All companies are in the business of keeping their customers happy, which is the name of the game. But who do they have at the forefront of this effort? That’s right, account managers.  An Account manager can make or break a customer’s experience, and it requires a certain passion of excellence that many potential candidates possess, they just don’t know it yet.  

 What is account management?  

The objective of an Account Manager is to make the customer happy and build trust. The account manager acts as a long-term liaison and consultant for the client to rely on.  

Account managers are not those in the business seeking transactions but instead provide customers with consistent customer service that further retains business. Whereas a position in sales is short term, an account manager works regularly with a client to answer questions and help strategize their current partnership to best fit the customer’s current goals and objectives.  

Why do businesses need account management? 

It’s not enough in long-term business strategies to have your sales team, consistently getting new clients without optimizing your already existing customer base. You have to retain and cultivate the customer base you have – as your current relationships are what will help you attract new clientele. 

When 89% of customers begin business with a competitor following a poor customer experience, companies mitigate this risk and can grow by building out a strong account management team. 

Account managers are the main point of contact for a company’s clients, they truly become the face of the company for the specific customers they are working with. These roles are at the forefronts representing a company’s brand as well as building relationships with clients. 

A study by Global Partners Training says that 61% of companies report that strategic account management programs helped them to increase their customer satisfaction.  

What can you get out of becoming an account manager? 

As you can probably tell, account managers wear many hats in their role. From problem solver to personal company public relations, working as an account manager has many benefits to the person working within this role.  


Hone your multitasking skills 

Within your role as an account manager, you will be responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction in many ways but on top of that you’ll be doing that with multiple different clients. Working as an account manager can help you with balancing different teams, with different goals and project deadlines.  


Customer Service looks good on any resume 

Tell us a business without customers…we’ll wait. Oh right, all businesses have to have customers! That means customer service experience of any kind is vital to companies and to your resume.  


Working as an account manager can open doors to other career paths 

Those starting out in account manager positions can grow with their company and expand their skills to later lead in roles such as Business Development, Operations, Sales, and more.  


If you’re interested in an Account Manager Role (because why wouldn’t you!?), you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got roles across the country in account management looking for skills like yours. Check them out here.