Team NCW and Hope Plumbing pose with NCW banner on Skiles Test field 

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“The secret is in the dirt” -Ben Hogan 

Earlier this month, we volunteered to help Skiles Test Youth Baseball and Softball League spruce up their fields. We worked as a team with employees at Hope Plumbing, another local Indianapolis business that supports Skiles Test. Our mission was to seed and add soil in both outfield and infield as well as level out the dugouts. It involved more than a few cumbersome wheelbarrow runs in the hot sun, and many trips on the gator to transport all the soil and gravel. But there’s a reason we gave our Saturday morning up to sweat, get blisters and burn calories. 

Skiles Test Baseball Team
Skiles Test Baseball Team poses for pictures with trophies


Skiles Test History with NCW

For over 50 years, Skiles Test—a non-affiliated youth baseball and softball league–has provided an unmatched opportunity for kids aged 4 to 13 to play ball in an environment that encourages good sportsmanship, fun, friendly competition and top-level player development.  Since the construction of Skiles Test in the early 1960’s, the fields near the intersection of 71st St. and Shadeland Ave. have been the premier home of great youth baseball and softball in Northeast Indianapolis. 


In 2020, NCW was able to cover the cost of participation and equipment for over 30 players at Skiles Test. Many of our employees either serve on the board for the league, volunteer as a coach, or have children that participate. This was the perfect opportunity for others on Team NCW to support Skiles Test.

Dan Mattingly, VP and Co-Owner of NCW said, “It feels good to give back. I remember little league was such a formative experience for my brothers and I and we want to give that opportunity to kids to not only have a league but to have the best fields we can afford them.” 

Team NCW and Hope Plumbing pose with NCW banner on Skiles Test field
Team NCW and Hope Plumbing pose with NCW banner on Skiles Test field

To see the fruit of your labor is fulfilling. At NCW we are a company committed to the long game. We don’t care what it takes. We see things through to the end and we give our all because Going Beyond Our Walls means stepping out in full stride to ask, “How can we serve you, the way you’ve served us?”  


The secret in the dirt is this: You have two hands- one for helping yourself and one for helping others. This weekend we went beyond our walls and extended a hand to Skiles Test. What will you do this weekend?  


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