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NCW Electricians Help With Hurricane Ida Aftermath

NCW Electricians Move Their Way Down to Louisiana to Help Bring Power Back to the Area.

Last week, Hurricane Ida swept through Louisiana with brute force and leaving over one million residents in the area without power and damages upwards of $95 billion. The damage didn’t end when Ida disappeared, unfortunately. Southeastern Louisiana is now facing extreme discomfort and health risks due to the loss of power. AccuWeather CEO, Dr. Joel N. Myers, reports that the power outages will “lead to the development of mold in the impacted areas, which can cause serious health and safety issues”. Electricians were desperately needed and in order to help with Hurricane Ida aftermath, NCW responded to the call by recruiting a team that would assist with disaster relief.

Aftermath of Hurricane Ida
Aftermath of Hurricane Ida on August 30th.

Michael Donnell, an NCW Electrician, made his way to Louisiana to help with the aftermath of the hurricane and is still on site working to restore power to the area. Donnell reported that the area, “seemed like a ghost town” and that “there [was] going to be a lot of work to do get the place back to normal.” He believes the hurricane relief work will last for several months. When he arrived in Louisiana, Donnell was immediately asked to help restore power to a hotel in downtown Donaldsonville as well as a local middle school and hospital. Thankfully, the levee system withheld the storm waters and Donnell is seeing the water recede. Donnell shared with us that the work he is doing in the area hits close to his heart because he has friends who have been affected by the hurricane. Coming from a family of electricians, Michael Donnell is proud to a force in the mission for disaster relief and hopes to see improvement, health, and safety for Southeastern Louisiana.

Michael Donnell Was Named MVP For His Hard Work and Efforts

To say the least, we are infinitely grateful and extremely proud of the work that is being done by members of the NCW team currently in Louisiana. These hardworking NCW electricians immediately tied up their bootlaces and got ready to make their way down south to bring light to an area hit with immense destruction from Hurricane Ida. At NCW, we are constantly guided by our core values in every action we take, and a job like this is more than just work. It is, quite literally, going beyond our walls to help those in need.


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