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NCW’s Food for Thought 


Homeless in Indy 

In 2020, 1,588 individuals were considered homeless.  

1,402 were sheltered, leaving 186 out on the streets. 

These numbers have only increased since the Covid-19 pandemic. 


Wheeler Mission 

This past March, NCW decided to team up with Wheeler Mission and Moontime Brewing CO. to provide meals for the local homeless population. Wheeler is a non-denominational, Christian, social services organization. They provide critically needed goods and services to the homeless, poor, and needy of central Indiana without regard to race, color, sexual orientation, creed, national origin, or religion.  


NCW x Wheeler Mission 

For 125 years, Wheeler Mission has been a pillar in the Indianapolis community, providing help and food to those in need. Wheeler’s values of volunteerism, philanthropy, and partnerships align with the core values of NCW 


Giving Back 

The first set of meals NCW sponsored went to the Men’s shelter in

downtown Indianapolis, providing 175 mealsIn the same week we also got to deliver 160 meals to the Women & Children’s Shelter in the city!

 All the meals were made by MoonTown Brewing Co. and were hand delivered by our very own, Madi Gall, Jordan Burger, and Kevin Casey.


The Reward

Being able to give back and assist our community is something we take a lot of pride in. Indianapolis is our core community and we care deeply for the people that exist within it. As we continue to grow at NCW, we look forward to contributing to our newer local communities in Salt Lake City, Denver, Charlotte & Louisville.

Your Turn 

Do you want to lend a hand to the homeless community in Indianapolis? Wheeler Mission’s website for all the ways you can get involved. The cost of one meal is just over $2 and can make all the difference to our neighbors in need. To giveback visit, Donate Now