Regional Sales Manager Career Path

At the beginning of your job search, you might be wondering how to grow in your sales career. We’ve got you covered. Here at NCW, we’re always looking for someone to get the job done and we’re here to help you along the way to a regional sales manager career path.

Job Growth Outlook – Average Change 2021-2031 In The Industry.


Highest Employment Level Of Sales Managers.

Projected Job Openings Each Year On Average, Over The Decade

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See If You Check The Boxes To Be A Great Regional Sales Manager:

sales strategy

Sales is strategy-driven and requires a detailed plan to improve sales performance, innovation, and growth in every facet of your position.

customer satisfaction

At the end of the day, you are responsible for making sure your customer is happy with your product or service. To achieve this goal, you may recommend strategic product or service enhancements that also achieve an improved sales potential.

leadership skills

Managing and directing a sales force to achieve sales and profit goals within your region will require a confident level of supervisory experience, excellent communication skills, and the ability to effectively motivate your team.

Regional Sales Manager Job Overview

We Think You Have What It Takes To Be A Regional Sales Manager, Do You?

What exactly does a regional sales manager do? As you manage several districts within your region, you’ll be responsible for adjusting sales goals and procedures based on what’s appropriate for each district. Be prepared to design and recommend sales programs, set short- and long-term sales strategies, and increase the region’s sale volume by evaluating and implementing those strategies. These duties make your role an integral part of your company’s success.

Key Requirements To Be A Regional Sales Manager:

Regional sales manager roles and responsibilities will generally stay the same in every sales manager job description; however, depending on industry, you may have a few differing tasks. Keep an eye out for changes – you may not meet all the regional sales manager roles and responsibilities in pharma, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be a fit in manufacturing! 

Preparing & Developing

Technical presentations to explain a company’s products or service offerings to customers.

Processing & Logging

Client feedback and evaluating the data to create new sales and marketing strategies to target new customers.


With sales teams to understand customer requirements: provide adequate technical knowledge and sales support.

Researching & Modifying

Products/Service improvements to meet customers’ technical requirements and needs.

Provide Coaching

To sales associates to enhance their product knowledge, technical acumen, and technical sales skills.


Utilize analytical, process, and/or technical skills to meet project objectives within the project scope.

Unsure Of Next Steps To Become A Regional Sales Manager? We’ve Got You:

  • Getting Started

    Preparing for your career

    While it is not always a requirement, 77% of regional sales managers have a bachelor’s degree. In this steadily growing industry, obtaining a degree and/or training may help you get a leg up against other applicants. According to CareerOneStop, these programs can help prepare you: Business Administration and Management, Business/Commerce, Consumer Merchandising/Retailing Management, Marketing/Marketing Management, and Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management.
  • A Few Years In

    Building your resume

    Hiring managers may look for up to five years of experience before hiring you for a regional sales manager job. Sales managers typically have experience in sales and related occupations such as retail associates, wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives, or purchasing agents (BLS). Because this is a managerial role, gaining experience in training and supervising others will benefit you. Certified Professional Sales Person (CPSP), Engineer in Training Certification (EIT), Project Management Professional (PMP), Professional Certified Marketer (PCM), & Sales Management

  • Ramping Up

    Stepping into the role

    With all job requirements checked off, you can transition into your new role! Get through your interview by knowing and answering those regional sales manager interview questions. Be prepared for questions like, “What makes you a good leader for our sales team?” “Tell me a time your sales strategy failed/succeeded and what you learned from it,” and “How do you set goals/track progress/meet quotas while managing your team?” among others.

  • The Future

    Promotion opportunities

    After a few years in your regional sales manager role, you may have the opportunity for advancement in the company. These next roles may include director of sales, national account manager, director of sales, sales vice president, general manager, or even owner/operator of your own business. Having the experience as regional manager and the numbers to prove your success in running your region will be extremely beneficial as you progress in the professional world.

Here Are Some Trends We’ve Noticed In The Sales Management Industry:

Track trends in your industry to stay up to date on future opportunities.


Hiring Trends In The Sales Management Industry

Following trends in your industry is crucial for understanding your own projected job growth. For example, online shopping is expected to increase, and brick and mortar retail stores are expected to increase growth in competition with online retailers. This steady growth between competing industries sustains demand for sales managers (BLS). 


You May Enjoy This Position If You Have Interests In:

Enterprising — Work involves managing, negotiating, marketing, or selling, typically in a business setting, or leading or advising people in political and legal situations. 

Conventionality — Work involves following procedures and regulations to organize information or data, typically in a business setting. Conventional occupations are often associated with office work, accounting, mathematics/statistics, information technology, finance, or human resources


Related Jobs

Once you start your career as a regional sales manager there are several related jobs to consider: 

Job Titles Similar to Regional Sales Manager:

  • Area Sales Manager
  • Territory Sales Manager
  • District Sales Manager
  • Regional Sales Director
  • Sales Operations Manager 
  • Outside Sales Representative

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So, How Much Can You Earn?

Let’s Talk Regional Sales Manager Salary

According to market data via, a regional sales manager’s salary can range between $102.3k and $175.2k with a median salary of $123.9k based on factors like location, experience, and industry.

Here’s the breakdown:

These five states have the top annual mean wages: 

  • 1. New York – $231,280
  • 2. New Jersey – $198,840
  • 3. Virginia – $179,420
  • 4. Colorado – $178,080 
  • 5. Washington – $172,330

Median annual income by education: (Zippia) 

  • 1. Some College/associate degree – $71,682 
  • 2. High School Diploma or less – $71,737
  • 3. Bachelor’s Degree – $93,781 
  • 4. Doctorate Degree – $100,141 
  • 5. Master’s Degree – $105,965 

These top five industries employ the most regional sales managers: (Zippia) 

  • 1. Manufacturing
  • 2. Technology 
  • 3. Health Care
  • 4. Finance 
  • 5. Media 
Sales Engineer at Work
Sales Engineer at Work

Unsure Of Next Steps To Become A Regional Sales Manager?

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