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Recruiters are the most underrated resource for recent college graduates. Recruiters specialize in locating and screening applicants for open positions. They often work as an extension of a company’s Human Resource (talent acquisition team) team, and their goal is to find the best available talent for their client and/or company. For college graduates, connecting with a recruiter is helpful to ensure you’re aware of all opportunities and don’t sell yourself short. If you have access to free help, why wouldn’t you use it? Our team at NCW helps job-seekers for a living, so we know what we’re talking about. Our goal is to always align bright talent with the best companies in the business. Take a look at our top five reasons we recommend working with a recruiter to find the best career for you.

  1. Networking

As a recent college graduate, recruiters can use their resources to find you the best possible job opportunity. Recruiters have a robust network of companies with which they are connected (whether locally or nationally). Taking advantage of those connections frees you to focus on optimizing your resume and interview skills.

  1. Recruiters Provide Insight

Recruiters are an excellent resource for new college graduates because they have personally been through the hiring process and have walked many others through it. A good recruiter will prepare you for each part of the hiring process: applying, interviewing, and negotiating. It is good to have someone in your corner that is unbiased and wants the best for you as you transition into the workforce. While Google and friends can help answer your questions, recruiters have insight into the specific companies they are connecting you with. That’s harder to find on your own!

  1. Access to More Opportunities

Posting jobs can be tedious, and not all companies keep up with it as they should. Sometimes they would rather circulate openings internally first before posting online. Either way, more opportunities are available than the average job-seeker will find during their search. Recruiters can access positions that don’t get posted online and are often prioritized for internal hires and referrals. As a future or recent college graduate, we want you to know about ALL opportunities as you start your career. More options are never bad – don’t sell yourself short and make the most of your future by connecting with a recruiter as a recent college graduate.

  1. You Join the Network

Sometimes finding the right job takes time. Even if you don’t find the career of your dreams right away, you have started an ongoing relationship with the recruiter. You enter their database and can communicate about new opportunities as often as you see necessary. When something hits their radar that aligns with your career aspirations, you’ll be their first call. Recent college graduates might think their information is only used one time and never to be used again. We can’t speak for all recruiting firms, but a good recruiter communicates only relevant opportunities based on the candidate’s contact preference. Most recruiters also can locate candidates in their database based on career preferences, experience, or education. This allows the recruiter to reach out to you anytime and potentially match you with your dream career.

  1. Maximize your Time

It’s no secret that the last semester of college is a time of transition, preparation for the future, and checking off last-minute bucket list items. We get it. This is why connecting with a recruiter as a college graduate can simultaneously help shorten the long to-do list and make your job hunting tactics more efficient. Recruiters work on the front line – they know what jobs are out there and also, as you now know, specialize in finding you the right career. As a recent college graduate, time is not always on your side, and you may feel pressure to land a job quickly after school. Whether you’re an overachiever and want to secure a job a year ahead of time or wait until you receive a diploma to start looking, working with a recruiter will accelerate the process.

Finding the right career is no easy task. Connect with a recruiter as a recent college graduate to make the most of your job search. It could benefit you in the long run, even if you do not find your dream career in a few weeks. Some of the best jobs may present themselves to you several months after graduation. If there is a company you want to work at but don’t have any connections reach out to our team today to see what openings are available to you. Our job at NCW is to make you and our clients happy. Work smarter, not harder. Connect with a recruiter today!