Future for Solar Energy and Work

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The Future for Solar is Bright

When you wake up in the morning – it’s there. Take a step outside – it’s there. It produces enough energy in one second to power the entire earth for 2 hours. What is “it” you may ask?

It‘s the sun. The center of our universe and sustainer of all life on planet earth, and now, one of the most popular renewable sources of energy. And why are we bringing it up? Well, the sun may become even more crucial to us on earth in the coming years due to the rising popularity of solar energy. The future for solar is exciting and its construction of it will have a tremendous impact on the United States. Our country is just scratching the surface with all that solar energy can provide us, including more jobs. You don’t want to be caught standing on the sidelines for this energy boom!

Currently, the United States relies heavily on non-renewable energies such as petroleum (providing 35% of all consumption) to power the country. Only 12% of energy consumption comes from renewables (and 11% of that is solar). This goes to show the major growth potential that lies ahead, even after significant strides in the past decade. Since the 2000s, solar installations has seen a steady 33% increase annually. You may have already seen the ever-increasing solar farms that are steadily popping up across the United States, providing the country with 115 billion kilowatthours.

A future powered by solar is so beneficial due to one important factor that is crucial to the U.S. economy. Jobs. An increase in solar power consumption means more solar farms. And solar farms don’t build themselves. Due to the construction, maintenance, and management of new solar farms, the solar industry is expected to need about 400,000 workers in 2030. Working in the solar industry has its perks too. Wages for jobs in the solar industry tend to be higher in comparison to the same jobs in other industries. With that said, now is definitely the time to jump into the industry. As solar projects take off, the highest labor demands are for welders, electricians, equipment operators, and general laborers.

As solar energy continues to gain popularity and power more of our world, the job market will follow suit. If you want to be a part of the future in solar, make sure you check out our job board to see if there’s a fit for your skillset. NCW boasts over twenty years in the construction industry and isn’t slowing down. We are always looking for skilled tradespeople to join our team!