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Culture Over Growth!

Since 2015, NCW has seen a 382% growth increase and a 95% increase from 2020 to 2021 based on revenue metrics. While revenue is essential to the growth equation, we pride ourselves on putting people first and creating deeply rooted partnerships with our clients and candidates to lead our growth. We have held ourselves to this standard by optimizing internal culture while growing our recruiting teams by 65% in 2021. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines growth as the act or process of going from the essential or straightforward to the complex or advanced. Growth may not always be described as a success if a firm sacrifices its culture and core values in the process. NCW identifies culture as a critical success factor to achieving true success. The art of balancing culture and growth isn’t simple, but our team is proof that any firm can flourish by focusing on people and keeping promises to clients and candidates.

More Than A Voice

In 2000, NCW started as a small firm focused on construction staffing. Since then, we have expanded to serve eight industries with placements in all 50 states of the United States and placements in Canada. Our goal is to positively impact the community and align suitable candidates with the right careers. Our core value, “more than a voice behind a call,” is what we built our foundation for success upon. Our core values have been significant to our expansion as an organization. Before we defined our core values, they were evident in our everyday processes. The difference in our approach is focusing on building a relationship, just like we would with a friend. By staying true to our core values and processes, our team filled 6,000+ open jobs in 2021.

Total alignment and fit have been critical to our sustainable growth – and the success of our candidates and clients. Our recruiters feel immense satisfaction placing exceptional candidates with our clients to do outstanding work. The following trend is consistent across many industries where we place candidates, and we have assisted thousands of individuals each year in finding suitable careers. In 2021 alone, our team aligned 4,660 field employees with rewarding careers. As we advance, we want to continue to place candidates in fulfilling and long-tenured roles.

People First

Kamil Toume, a well-known author and thought leader, once said, “The real competitive advantage in any business is one word only, which is people.” While NCW is proud of its growth in the last several years, our team recognizes that people are the catalyst in the “healthy growth equation.” As the company grows and expands, honesty and transparency will continue to be mainstays. Over the last several years, we have experienced complex growth internally and externally. Our team has no plans of slowing down and wants to continue to positively impact the lives of our candidates, employees, and clients. Want to see the proof? Our team created a year-over-year growth and company-wide metric infographic displaying our recent expansion. Infographic NCW Data