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You should consider a job in insurance…here’s why.

“Raise your hand if you imagine yourself working in insurance.” 

The truth is that not many people, including yourself, are jumping out of their seats with their hand held high. The thought of working in an industry like insurance comes with its fair share of hesitancies. So if you’re on the fence, here’s four reasons why you should consider a career in the Insurance industry.  


1. Insurance isn’t going away. 

Everyone needs insurance, even you! Insurance is a necessity. It encompasses all that we do on a daily basis. The first insurance company dates back to 1752! That’s over 250 years of insurance. And sure, it probably looks at lot different today than it did back then, but the goal has remained the same,  to guard against unpredictable life occurrences.. And there’s only one thing predicable in life…the unpredictable. This goes to show the kind of job security that Insurance professionals have. 


2. It’s your book of business.  

When you work in insurance you generate your own client base. Why is this a benefit? Not only does building your own client base help you network, but it also helps you begin a journey into entrepreneurship if that’s something you’re interested in. There is no business without clients. But the challenge of generating, engaging, and keeping people as trusted clients builds longlasting skills.  


3. Your skill set will grow immensely. 

Insurance sales, brokerage and account management require a variety of skills that are useful in anything you do. While you manage your book of business you’ll develop transferable skills in areas like communication, problem-solving, research, and organization to name a few. Here’s a link to an article with a variety of career opportunities that utilize some of these transferable skills.  


4. You can make a difference. 

People rely on insurance in some of their worst moments. Your position can have a direct impact on restoring a person’s or family’s quality of life and helping them get back to a better place.  


Finding a job that’s both rewarding and instrumental can be difficult. But working in insurance might give you the space you need to grow with enough structure to feel secure. Insurance offers career paths to almost anyone, and it has a positive impact on nearly everyone. So, why not? 

Opportunities in this industry are always just around the corner…or even at the bottom of this blog! Check out some of our job postings in the financial services/insurance industry here.