Snake Plant

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At NCW, our logo is green…but our thumbs are not.

(At least in an office with limited window access.)

But there are so many benefits to keeping plants around like… 

  • Improving levels of compassion
  • Improving performance/ increasing energy levels
  • Reducing stress 


 …just to name a few. 


I set out to find a plant that would both survive my black thumb and an environment with limited light. That’s when I discovered the snake plant. To put it simply, the snake plant (aka Sansevieria) tops the list as being one of the most tolerant of all decorative plants. It can survive the most UNSUITABLE growing conditions, ABUSE, and NEGLECT. 




I was impressed. The first word that came to my mind was “resilient.” Resilience refers to someone, or something’s, ability to bounce back or withstand less than ideal conditions.  


I bought it instantly. 


Snake Plant
Snake Plant

Today it sits at the front of my desk in the most basic terra cotta pot, right in front of my office door for everyone to see. Why? Because I want it to remind everyone who comes in and out of NCW’s office that adversity is common… but resilience is rare.  


How can we, here at NCW, stay resilient during a labor shortage, a pandemic, and what seems like constant rain (lol)? By getting what we need from one another. Resilience isn’t always innate…it’s fostered (at least in people anyway, the snake plant is very obviously in a league of its own).  


Yes it’s difficult to kill the snake plant, but not impossible. It still has needs just like our team, and your team. So listen, communicate, and understand your team’s needs and they will be better able to bounce back quicker when things don’t go the way they planned.  


So yes, the snake plant is resilient, reliable, and consistent. All things we strive to be.. plus its green, so we are adopting it as the official plant of NCW. Because it’s more than a snake plant. It’s a reminder to be resilient in the face of adversity.  


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