No current hiring needs? No problem.

Why you should work with a staffing company even when you have no current hiring needs.

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Do You Need To Partner With A Staffing Company?

Here are the top 5 reasons to work with NCW as your staffing partner.

  • Tenured recruiters experienced in finding roles in the warehouse staffing and light industrial industries.
  • Proprietary database 510,000+ sourced and vetted candidates.
  • All candidates are vetted before they are sent to you. No, we don’t just send a resume. We get to know you first and your company’s needs. Then we figure out which candidates qualify and then send over detailed information along with the resume for you to review. If that doesn’t sound like your process, no worries. We customize a hiring plan that works for you.
  • We proactively source candidates. We don’t just post and hope for the best. We engage with passive job seekers daily.
  • The hiring process can sometime take weeks, if not months. We always look for the quickest way to get someone on the job. We work with whatever timeline suits you best. 
  • We handle the candidate onboarding and communication, so it is one less thing you have to worry about.
  • We have a pipeline of engaged and qualified candidates ready to go to work.
  • Hiring might be one of your many priorities, but for us it’s our ONLY priority. 
  • Hiring new employees is expensive. According to benchmarking data from the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), the average cost to hire one individual is around $4,700. But other employers estimate the cost to be three to four times the position’s salary. 
  • Project-based or seasonal hiring can reduce the need for layoffs. Laying off employees can lead to unemployment claims which can ultimately increase your tax burden.
  • Costs associated with hiring (drug testing and/or background screening) are covered by our services. 
  • According to Costa Solutions an additional 25% of a warehouse employee’s salary is spent on hiring and recruiting. 
  • Leasing temporary employees gives you the “try before you buy” experience so you know what you’re getting before it’s permanent.
  • As you know hiring an employee is time-consuming and expensive. NCW offers temp-to-hire contracts that give you the opportunity to evaluate an employee for a trial period (60-90 days) before you bring them on to your payroll.
  • You don’t have to assume all the risk yourself. If an employee doesn’t work out, we’ve already covered the cost, time and effort that went into hiring them. We’ll also find you a replacement ASAP! 
  • We handle all the administrative work and onboarding for you.
  • Payroll and benefits we’ve got it.
  • We manage sourcing, reviewing, and screening candidates for you. 
  • We act as your liaison to the candidate. We’ll communicate with them frequently and even offer them the job when the time comes.

If I call and put in an order, I know it’s going to happen. I have confidence in NCW’s ability to find me the people that I need and I don’t need to micro-manage anything.

Jason O.

Jason O.

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Your Next Question Might Be…

Why Work With A Staffing Company (Even If You Have No Current Hiring Needs)?


Get The Paperwork Out Of The Way. 

We know paperwork is no fun, so we believe getting it out of the way now helps in the long run. When there is a need, we don’t want to be discussing the paperwork but rather what needs and challenges you are experiencing and how our team of recruiters can help. Our team can free up your valuable time!


We Can Understand Your Business. 

We don’t want to rush this, but we can if that is what you need. We are not a company that is here today and gone tomorrow. We’ve been at this for 23+ and want to understand your needs. More than a voice behind a call is a guiding core value for us, and we want any opportunity to meet you face–to–face when possible.


Why Not?

Our contracts and services do not cost you anything upfront. Leverage our team to gain insight into what is happening in your industry, tips on candidate pay, and more.  We work with hundreds of companies across the country in the manufacturing, warehousing, and light industrial space, which gives us a pulse of what is happening on the ground floor in the industry.

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See What We Can Do For You

NCW Specialties

  • Time to hire can be as fast as 1 day
  • Customized staffing solution that is tailored to your needs
  • Staffed employee benefits (health insurance, 401k, paid Holidays, training/certifications, etc.)
  • On-site support
  • National footprint and reach
  • Advanced Recruiting technology
  • Controller
  • SOX and Audit
  • Finance Managers & Directors
  • our specialties:
  • Warehouse temp-to-hire recruiting
  • Customized staffing solution that is tailored to your Warehouse staffing
  • Distribution staffing
  • Distribution warehouse staffing
  • High-volume staffing

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