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Welder Fabricator Jobs 

As more and more older, experienced welders begin to reach the age of retirement, many accounts and industry professionals have determined that younger welders will not be able to replace retired workers sufficiently. According to the American Welding Society, the average age of welders is approximately 55 and the welding industry in the United States will experience a shortage of 400,000 welders by 2024. And since numerous welding applications and positions are available across a diverse array of industries, this shortage will affect manufacturers, state-sponsored infrastructure projects, and much more. 

This poses a unique problem for all the numerous industries that rely on skilled welders to fulfill a variety of welder / fabricator jobs. Broadly speaking, wages are up – especially within industries experiencing drastic labor shortages. At the same time, however, existing welders and similar job-holders are being asked by employers to work longer, more grueling hours to help keep up with demand. When manufacturing firms have a more extensive roster of welders, the workers benefit from not being overworked and employers can spend less on overtime and recruitment initiatives. And laborers that are not overworked are less likely to make mistakes or potentially injure themselves on the job due to fatigue or repetitive muscle movement.

If you are searching for a career change or high-demand jobs that pay decent wages, it might be time to stop Googling “welder fabricator near me” or “welders near me” and schedule an appointment to speak with one of our skilled recruiters at NCW. Our recruiters work tirelessly for the best candidates across various platforms, job boards, and other talent pipelines (including NCW’s very own internal proprietary database, which encompasses over 500,000 talent records). Once the very best qualified candidates have been identified, NCW recruiters work closely with candidates and companies to help fill jobs and provide eligible candidates with a path toward well-paying, meaningful work.

Since there is currently a substantial shortage of welders in the United States, one could expect to find an apprenticeship or entry-level job relatively quickly, but is welding a good career? What do welders do? While welders are a vital part of numerous different industries, the job they perform is generally quite straightforward. Welders help bind things together so that they don’t fall apart – specifically, welders utilize specialized tools to melt and bond metal together with surgical precision.

Welding can be an enjoyable and fulfilling career; many welders can take pride in the knowledge that they’ve helped contribute an invaluable skill to their communities. Not only that but there is a lot of room within the welding industry for advancement opportunities. Welders can go on to work in engineering, robotics, education, project management, and even sales. And many employers providing these positions beyond welding prefer someone with actual, hands-on welding experience. While many welders are able to take pride in providing such a unique and necessary service to their communities, the demand for welders and fabricators is so high that some more experienced welders may even travel out of state or out of the country in order to provide their services to industries and organizations beyond their immediate community. 

Traveling welders, sometimes referred to as independent contractors, other times referred to as “road warriors,” can sometimes find work as military support personnel, shipbuilders or repairers, or aboard passenger ships like cruises as on-board maintenance personnel. Virtually every cruise ship is in need of continual maintenance and repairs, and due to the nature of the work, these types of jobs generally pay very competitive salaries. Some senior welding positions, especially those amid hazardous or precarious working conditions, can earn more than $100,000 per year in some cases – and you don’t even need a college degree to get started. 

Is Welding a Good Career?

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Welder Salary

Generally speaking, embarking on a welding career does not require a college degree, and since there is such a profound shortage of skilled workers at the moment, a welder salary is likely going to be more appealing than other skilled trade industry jobs. Additionally, the more experience you acquire as a welder, the more you will be paid for your work. While this is sometimes true of office jobs or service-industry jobs, oftentimes employees can go for years or decades without a significant pay increase or any career advancement opportunities; welders typically have much better opportunities for ways to increase their pay or make career moves.

For welding jobs, the salary can vary quite a bit; there are numerous factors and variables involved from the level of skill or experience of an applicant to whether or not you are willing to travel for work. We’ll discuss more specifics about salary ranges later on, but it’s clear that the need for welders is not going anyway any time soon.

Even in times of economic uncertainty or stagnancy, welders fulfill a necessary role in the manufacturing of goods, but also in the maintenance and construction of vital infrastructure. Across the country, people need welders to help build and repair bridges, build and maintain windmills and wind turbines, and welders are a hugely necessary component of the energy sector – from oil-drilling enterprises to solar and nuclear-powered plants.

If you are one of those people searching for “welding jobs near me” or “welding apprenticeship near me”, fret not – there are hundreds of welding jobs and welding apprenticeship opportunities all over. Because welding is such a necessity for many manufacturing enterprises, there are several welding jobs (no experience necessary) accessible to rural and urban communities alike. Not only that but there are also welding positions that can take you literally around the globe and even to the depths of the ocean – and the riskier the job, the higher the pay, generally.

A typical welder job description will include items like reviewing blueprints or schematics, cutting metal into the specified shape and length, and smoothing molten materials in order to remove creases and ensure a strong, lasting bond. Some positions may also require welders to source their own materials for various projects as well as check the finished product to ensure that the dimensions match blueprints or schematics.

Welders are necessary for military applications, aircraft and aerospace engineering, construction and infrastructure, the automotive industry, the boiler industry, shipbuilding, and more. And as more industry movers and shakers begin to research and develop greener, more eco-friendly alternatives to their facilities, infrastructure, and processes, they’ll need more welders to help repurpose old equipment, help build new, more efficient machinery, and more. 

Welding Jobs Near Me

Welder Fabricator Jobs Near Me

Whether you are someone who is looking for “welder fabricator jobs near me”, “fabrication jobs hiring near me”, or “welding supervisor jobs near me” – there are positions that need filling and ample opportunities within the welding and fabrication industry. Whether you are an apprentice, an intermediate welder, or a journeyman, there are countless welding positions available and more are opening all the time.

A metal fabricator job description, for instance, might include information about which shift (first, second, or third) and how many days a week; other job descriptions may require knowledge of specific welding techniques like TIG, MIG, arc, and oxy-fuel. Rarely will a job description highlight the need for higher education or college degrees, although some positions may want candidates who have experience with a technical school or some sort of apprenticeship.

Welding candidates that are most attractive to recruiting employers are cautious and respect the safety protocols of the workplace – even in the safest conditions, welding is still a dangerous and hazardous line of work. Strong applicants will have steady, precise hands and are strong enough to lift and weld heavy metals or pieces of piping. Employers also want to hire people with good people skills who can work effectively with others on a team; collaboration is especially important on large-scale jobs where teams of welders may all be working together in shifts.

Welder Fabricator Salary

Welder fabricator jobs can vary pretty widely based on industry, and welder fabricator qualifications can depend upon the type of position an employer needs to fill, so it’s always important to read a welder fabricator job description carefully to ensure you are applying for a position appropriate for your skill set. Job hunting is difficult and exhausting enough without creating headaches for yourself when it comes time to go through the interview process.

A welder fabricator salary range is generally between $46,000 and $59,000 annually, according to [Salary.com|http://Salary.com]. A metal fabricator salary range is typically around $47,500 per year, and a pipe welder salary usually starts around $59,000 annually. Of course, the actual figures will vary from employer to employer and from job to job, and many wages are negotiable based on the experience of the welder and the length of the job – whether it’s a temporary or contracted position or a permanent position.

Because of the high demand for their services, many welders are free to choose an employer and specific job that works best for them – whether a welder prefers a certain industry or a certain schedule. And because many welding applications cannot easily be replicated by robots or other automated industrial practices, there will be a need for skilled welders for the foreseeable future.

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