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Warehouse Staffing Agency

A warehouse staffing agency is a business that finds skilled workers for warehouse work, such as stockers, receiving associates, clerks, and material handlers. Finding skilled workers for warehouse positions can be difficult at times – especially if the positions are temporary. However, there is a field of skilled workers out there that are seeking seasonal or temporary work because it fits their lifestyle. The challenge is finding those skilled workers – and then hiring them. A warehouse staffing agency like NCW is built to handle such challenges on behalf of client organizations. Staffing agency hires can provide client organizations with the best of both worlds – they receive high-quality candidates to benefit their own clients while spending a mere fraction of time searching for candidates, interviewing, and onboarding. 

Working with warehouse staffing services can save an organization both time and money. It is a common misconception that working with a staffing agency reduces the amount of control or influence that client organizations have over their hiring process – but when you’re working with NCW, that simply isn’t the case. Employing temporary warehouse staffing has many benefits to business owners – however, sourcing, interviewing, and onboarding many seasonal or temporary employees can be a serious drain on company resources and existing staff time. Working with a staffing agency that is specifically formulated to handle the challenge of finding skilled candidates for temporary work can be a huge relief to many business managers and owners.

Searching for a “warehouse agency near me” could change your life – either from the client organization perspective or as a skilled worker! Staffing agencies can help skilled workers find temporary work, direct hire positions, contract staffing, and more. Overall, working with a staffing agency can be a smart move for businesses seeking skilled warehouse personnel. With their access to a broad pool of qualified candidates and time and cost-saving advantages, staffing agencies can help businesses find the right talent quickly and efficiently, ultimately contributing to increased productivity and profitability.

Benefits of Using a Warehouse Staffing Agency

Utilizing a warehouse staffing agency can have many advantages. Some of the best benefits of using a warehouse staffing agency include the following:

  • Wide selection of highly qualified candidates
    • Staffing agencies have more bandwidth to research and market open positions, resulting in higher applicant numbers. This means that the client organization has a more talented pool of candidates to choose from than they would have if they had attempted to hire and recruit candidates on their own. Recruitment companies also typically have skilled workers waiting in the wings for any position they hire for, as not every qualified candidate is the best fit for every job they interview for!
  • Highly cost-effective
    • Recruiting and onboarding can take a lot of time and resources by existing in-house staff. This is especially true for seasonal or temporary workers. Many agencies that offer cost-effective warehouse staffing are also responsible for the onboarding of new workers, freeing up existing staff time and saving the organization money.
  •  Time-saving
    • Finding flexible warehouse staffing can be more difficult than it sounds – especially when it comes to seeking skilled warehouse workers for hire. In order to reach your desired pool of candidates, many business organizations must spend a considerable amount of time and money marketing the position through social channels, hiring events, interview processes, candidate selection, and more. Using a staffing and recruiting company can free up in-house HR staff to manage their existing workforce.
  • Highly scalable and flexible
    • Partnering with a staffing and recruiting agency such as NCW offers a level of flexibility and scalability that would not be possible in an in-house recruitment process. If the needs of a position change mid-process, an in-house recruitment process would mean rewriting all of the ads, pulling existing ones, canceling current candidates (potentially damaging their business reputation), and more. When partnering with a staffing company, the agency handles all aspects of hiring and recruiting. It is easy to scale up or scale down with little overall lift from the client organization.

What To Look For In A Warehouse Staffing Firm

When looking to partner with a warehouse staffing firm, there are several factors that client organizations should consider. Businesses wondering what to look for in a warehouse staffing firm should keep these five things in mind:

  • Industry expertise
    • Industry expertise is especially important when searching for qualified warehouse workers. The potential staffing agency should have verifiable knowledge and experience in the warehousing industry as well as a good understanding of the skills and qualifications required for various warehouse positions.
  • Success stories
    • An experienced warehouse staffing agency should have plenty of success stories from both the candidate and client organization perspectives. Look for a staffing agency with a strong track record of filling warehouse positions for other businesses. Check out the staffing company’s online reviews or ask for referrals from other warehouse manager/owner’s that you trust.
  • Strong candidate selection process
    • The agency should be able to thoroughly explain its candidate selection process as well as how it helps to produce the most qualified candidates for the position. Ask the staffing company about their skills assessments, background checks, and reference checks to ensure that only the highest quality candidates are selected for approval.
  • Flexibility
    • In many economies, industry needs can change on a whim. Ensure that your selected staffing company is flexible enough to adapt to the hiring company’s staff requirements, whether that involves a temporary, permanent, or contract-to-hire position.
  • Communication
    • Great communication is essential between a client organization and a staffing company. The same is true between the agency and the candidate. Great communication is key and the foundation of a warehouse staffing agency’s reputation!

What We Bring To The Table

Services Offered By A Warehouse Staffing Recruiter

Services offered by a warehouse staffing recruiter can vary from company to company. At NCW, we offer four types of recruiting and staffing solutions:

  • Temporary warehouse workers or contract staffing
    • Contract and temporary staffing solutions allow employers to minimize the extra workload on existing staff and increase direct employment costs. For contract staffing solutions, NCW handles the sourcing and screening of qualified candidates to meet the needs of your particular projects or assignments. NCW is also typically the employer of record for the candidate on temporary or seasonal warehouse staffing, mitigating responsibility from the client organization.
  • Temp-to-hire warehouse placements
    • NCW can provide client organizations with qualified candidates that are on  “temp-to-perm warehouse placements.” During this trial period, client organizations can evaluate candidates for fit and reduce hiring risk. During the contract or temporary phase, NCW is the employer of record. If the client wishes to extend a permanent offer of employment to the candidate, NCW can seamlessly transition the payroll of said candidate over to the client.
  • Direct hire warehouse recruiting
    • If you’re looking for that one-in-a-million candidate and aren’t having any luck finding them yourself, NCW can save you time and money. Our staffing company has successfully filled vital roles at many organizations with an exceptional talent for over 20 years. We can market and source candidates on your behalf that only meet and exceed your position needs.
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
    • For more customized warehouse staffing solutions, consider our Recruitment Process Outsourcing or RPO. This service is something of a “hands-free” extension of HR and talent management. RPO can be totally customized to your company’s needs. NCW’s RPO services include:
      • Talent Acquisition Strategy
      • Requisition Management
      • Talent Mapping and Pipelining
      • Sourcing, Screening, and Assessment
      • Interview Coordination
      • Onboarding and Employee Engagement
      • Market Analytics and Metrics Reporting
      • Contract Recruitment
      • Job Board Management

No matter what your staffing requirements are, NCW can take a flexible approach that fits your needs.

What Industries Do Warehouse Recruiters Serve

It might be easy to lump all warehouse staffing solutions into one industry, but many different industries utilize warehouses and require laborers that are skilled to their specific niche. What industries do warehouse recruiters serve? Retail, manufacturing, logistics, and e-commerce are just a few examples of supply chain staffing solutions that might also go by “warehouse recruitment.”

NCW sources and screens several positions that would find work in retail warehouse staffing or manufacturing warehouse staffing. Positions that we place in the distribution and supply chain labor industry include:

  • Assemblers
  • CDL Drivers
  • Cycle Counters
  • Inventory Clerks
  • Lift Operators
  • Material Handlers
  • Packaging Associates
  • Production Team Leads
  • Shift Supervisors
  • Shipping & Receiving Associates

These positions are also relevant to fulfillment center staffing and logistics warehouse staffing. We can also source and place supply chain professionals such as procurements specialists, planning managers, supply chain analysts, and more. Organizations that manage warehouses can particularly benefit from partnering with a staffing company because it can reduce much of the administrative effort behind sourcing, screening, and training temporary employees. NCW can find, place, and onboard seasonal warehouse laborers as an extension of your HR and talent management departments without any extra lift from your permanent staff.

Best Warehouse Staffing Industries

The best warehouse staffing agencies possess industry experience, provide quality candidates and customized solutions, expert customer service, and competitive pricing. Warehouse talent acquisition can be a difficult process, especially if it is being performed by someone with little experience or knowledge of the requirements of the position. It’s understandable that an in-house HR department may not understand the qualities that create a good forklift driver or assembler. However, the best warehouse staffing agency makes it their mission to discover the requirements and best qualities of every position they hire for. Many of the best staffing agencies can even handle warehousing HR outsourcing, requiring even less lift from existing employees. This can save the client organization time and resources in the form of reduced hiring costs. 

Businesses that partner with a staffing company (often by searching for “warehouse staffing agencies near me”) are more likely to hire the right candidate the first time, mitigating risk and reducing costs associated with employee turnover. Warehouse staffing agencies can streamline existing recruitment processes and expose your business to a wider pool of highly qualified candidates. They can also formulate custom staffing processes to suit your company’s needs and requirements. Organizations that regularly need warehouse staff should seriously consider partnering with a staffing and recruitment company to improve their efficiency and hiring experience.

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Finding the right people for the job matters to us because we know how crucial it is for your team to stay moving. That’s why our recruiters are focused on finding qualified and experienced individuals in the construction, manufacturing, supply chain, and accounting industries.

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