Warehouse Associate Career Path

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Increase in Warehouse Associate Salary Over the Last 5 Years

Warehouse Associates Currently Employed in the U.S.

Increase in Warehouse Employment since 2000

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See If You Check The Boxes To Be A Great Warehouse Associate:

Detail oriented

When working inside a warehouse there is a plethora of moving parts and as a warehouse associate maintaining accurate documentation is an essential part of your job. Being organized at your workstation translates to success in other areas of your work.

mechanical & technical skills

Having mechanical and technical skills in this position are all but required. You might be asked to perform work with a multitude of tools and machines, so a basic knowledge of how to use tools really helps.

safety first mindeset

Inside a warehouse there are many moving parts: inbound material, outbound material, forklifts transporting goods or individuals taking inventory. With all of this in mind it is vital to stay alert and abide by all safety regulations implemented by the warehouse staff.

Staffed Welder on the Job
Staffed Welder on the Job

Warehouse Associate Job Overview

We Think You Have What It Takes To Be A Warehouse Associate… Do You?

As a key contributor to the warehousing industry, there are many warehouse worker duties and responsibilities that hold the warehouse together and keep it running smoothly. It makes sense that the success of a warehouse’s operation relies heavily upon the warehouse associates because they perform so many different tasks.

Getting Into the Nitty Gritty:

Keep an eye out for changes – every job posting is different, and every employer has their own preferences for production associates. Roles and responsibilities in every production associate job description likely include: 

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Material Movement

A common task for a warehouse associate is the loading/unloading and sorting of materials coming in or going out of the warehouse. This could require operation of heavy machinery or brute strength as some packages are upwards of 50 pounds.

High-Level Thinking

When operating heavy machinery, you must be cautious as you move about inside the warehouse. Depending on the size of the warehouse there could be dozens of forklifts transporting materials simultaneously.


You will have to ensure that you are always providing updated inventory metrics while receiving new materials that you are supposed to is crucial to a warehouse. Although it may seem more like busy work at first, you will quickly see its importance to your team.

Safety Checks

Depending on the warehouse you may be required to perform safety checks on your forklift and troubleshoot any problems. Knowing the ins and outs of your machinery helps diagnose and solve problems faster.

Unsure Of Next Steps To Become A Warehouse Associate? We’ve Got You:

  • Getting Started

    Jump Right In

    Anyone with a high school diploma or GED equivalent can become a warehouse associate! When you start out as an entry level warehouse associate you will always report to a supervisor/manager. If you are brand new to the industry there will be required on-the-job training for the first few days or weeks.
  • Continued Learning

    Process and Equipment

    • Understanding regular warehouse operations takes time but can really help with your career advancement. As you master your everyday routine you will undoubtedly see more success. Through training and practice, you will perfect your skills in operating heavy machinery and other tools or equipment necessary for the job

  • Climbing the Ladder

    Experience is Key

    Hard, consistent work over a few years reaps benefits like a promotion or pay increase. Depending on your production both can come even sooner! There are three levels of warehouse associates: entry, intermediate, and senior. With each level increase, you will see increases in salary and responsibilities.

  • The Future

    Warehouse Career Progression

    • Your warehousing career doesn’t have to plateau at senior-level warehouse associate. There are roles like warehouse manager or supervisor that you can advance to once you’ve gained enough experience. Warehouse manager qualifications are strictly experience and knowledge based. There is no specific formula or degree.

Here Are Some Trends We’ve Noticed In The Warehousing Industry:

For those interested in embarking on their warehousing career, it’s important to keep up with the trends in the industry. Don’t worry, we did all the digging for you! Here’s what we found!


Warehouse Associate Trends

According to Zippia, 56.5% of people in the field are white, while 20.2% are Hispanic or Latino. 74.8% are male and 25.2% are female warehouse associates.


Trends In The Warehousing Industry

Retail sales are shifting to e-commerce, which has created an increased need for hands-on labor to fulfill the ever-increasing orders.


Related Jobs

Job titles often related to warehouse associates: material handler, forklift operator, picker packer, production associate, and warehouse worker.

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So, How Much Can You Earn?

Let’s Talk Warehouse Associate Salary

A warehouse associate’s salary can range between $36,000-$46,500 based on factors like experience, company, geographic location, and economic conditions. Here’s the break down:

Entry level avg. salary: $36,000

ntermediate level avg. salary: $40,700

Intermediate level avg. salary: $40,700

After seeing the breakdown, you can tell how your experience really plays a part in your salary. Once you put in the time you reap the benefits. If you start your career as a warehouse associate sooner rather than later, you will likely have more opportunities to move up in the field.

Manufacturing Worker
Manufacturing Worker

Unsure Of Next Steps To Become A Warehouse Associate?

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