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NCW has 22+ years of helping companies like yours find the right people to do the job efficiently and effectively. Our focus is on creating lasting partnerships ensuring that your team can keep crucial projects on track. With our services, you can save time and resources allowing you to focus on important tasks for your team.

Finding the right people for the job matters to us because we know how crucial it is for your team to stay moving. That’s why our recruiters are focused on finding qualified and experienced individuals in the construction, manufacturing, supply chain, and accounting industries.

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Contract and temporary staffing for you to mitigate workflow fluctuations and direct employment costs

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Leverage this service as a “working interview” allowing you to find the best employees to fit with your team’s needs.

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Our team acts as an extension to HR and talent acquisition departments, bringing customized hiring solutions to achieve desired outcomes.

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Supply Chain Recruiting

The global supply chain is acknowledged as an essential component of the world economy and is one of the largest industries in the world. The supply chain industry is one of the fastest-growing industries globally, and experts project that the market will be worth $30.9 billion by 2026. Over the last decade, labor shortages in the supply chain industry have become more prevalent. The labor shortages were more widespread during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the pandemic just exposed a problem that has been happening in the industry for years.

There has been a shortage of resources worldwide, and manufacturing facilities are starting to reshore to the United States. The U.S. supply chain market is massive and contains 37% of all jobs, employing 44 million people. There is a massive hunt for talent in the industry. Some high-demand positions are warehouse trainers, logistic professionals, sourcing managers, and order buyers. If these careers do not spark your interest, we have endless roles that may be right for you. Finding qualified candidates in today’s market is challenging. It puts lots of pressure on internal human resources teams to fill roles that typically may have a high-turnover rate – especially in the manufacturing industry.

NCW operates in the supply chain industry, and our recruiting teams assist candidates in finding roles. We are one of your area’s top transport and logistics recruitment agencies. Our supply chain recruiting teams help companies remain fully staffed and operate at peak performance. Whether you are looking to hire supply-chain professionals or are looking for a job in the industry, our recruiting teams specialize in supply-chain recruiting the best and brightest talent in the industry. You may ask, are there logistics recruiters near me? Of course. All of our top logistics recruiters are always a call or email away. So why stress out and worry about finding top talent when NCW specializes in supply-chain recruiting. Our mission is to leverage our unique expertise in supply chain recruiting to be engaged at your convenience. We form a partnership that builds upon existing recruiting mechanisms, not replace them.

It is tough to find top supply chain recruitment agencies in today’s market. The market is bogged down by companies who want to monetize for their advancement and may not have your best interest in mind. NCW is one of the best supply chain and logistics recruitment agencies, always looking to make a difference for our clients and candidates in the job market. Our firm started in the construction staffing industry and has expanded to specialize in finding the best and brightest candidates in eight industries nationally. Supply chain happens to be one of those eight – we have a track record of excellence in recruiting in one of the fastest-growing labor markets in the world.

The pandemic has significantly increased the demand for supply chain professionals, but the industry’s growth rate directly correlates with the labor shortage. It is hard to minimize turnover and outside forces that impact your business. There needs to be more individuals to fill all the open roles in the industry. NCW utilizes its internal job board and other external job boards to find candidates in the supply chain industry and help supply chain professionals find fulfilling careers. You may ask, are there supply chain recruiters near me? The answer is yes. We have recruiters stationed at our various offices around the United States. They are only just a call away. Our team can help make your lives easier and reduce turnover by finding the best and brightest candidates. So why waste valuable time and resources sourcing candidates when you can connect with our team, which is one of the top supply chain recruitment agencies in the industry today.

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Finding reliable supply chain recruitment agencies takes a lot of work. Many companies have difficulty finding recruitment agencies that specialize in finding the required talent. They often turn to external job boards bogged down with other companies’ jobs – it is tough to stand out as an employer when there are so many great companies to work for. Getting applicants to apply to your job listings is easy, but attracting top talent is the hard part. Leading supply chain companies have utilized their resources to their advantage and use their brand awareness to attract the best and brightest. Unfortunately, smaller companies and start-ups do not always have the same resources to utilize.

Our team utilizes a massive internal database that houses 500,000+ potential candidates – we use this database to our advantage by sourcing qualified candidates that align with your team’s needs. If that isn’t enough, we also utilize our job board and other external job boards to find the brightest talent in the supply chain industry today. While sourcing and hiring supply chain candidates wasn’t in our first service offerings, that has changed. We are now one of the most reliable supply chain recruitment agencies today and one of the leading recruitment agencies for logistics, with 50+ years of experience between our recruiting teams.

NCW didn’t always have national reach, especially in the supply chain agency. We are proud to operate in all 50 continental states in the U.S. We have expanded into the Texas market in past years and now have over 30,000+ candidates in our database in Texas and 4,500+ candidates in our database in Houston. This has taken years for our team to make this happen through meticulous sourcing and strategically placing our jobs on internal and external job boards. You name it; we have it. We have supply chain recruiters in Houston and are one of the top staffing agencies for management positions. We are proud of our growth but want to keep building up our database with Houston and other Texan candidates to help service our clients the best we can.

Today, we now have supply chain recruiters who provide our services in Houston and the whole state of Texas. We are one of the top recruiting firms in Houston. Our sales and recruitment personnel always have your company’s best interest in mind to find your company the best talent in the industry today. All we ask for is an opportunity to make a positive impact on our organization. If you are looking for supply chain recruiters in Houston and Texas today, you know where to find us. We will always be one call away and are now considered one of the top recruiting agencies in Houston.

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