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highest paying state.

Average Salary Increase In Last 10 Years.

High School Degree

or equivalent schooling required.

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See If You Check The Boxes To Be A Great Fire Sprinkler Fitter:

Safety is your first priority.

No matter your position, safety must always be a priority. You should arrive at the job site with knowledge of relative safety standards and a willingness to use protective equipment.

Ability to complete physically demanding labor.

Lifting equipment up to 90 pounds, working in difficult positions, and climbing scaffolding isn’t uncommon in the day-to-day life of a sprinkler fitter.

Great attention to detail.

Pipes must be cut, and sprinklers must be installed according to relevant fire codes. Without attentive sprinkler fitters to prevent fires from spreading, huge losses can occur.

Construction Employee
Construction Employee

Fire Sprinkler Fitter Job Overview

We Think You Have What It Takes To Be Sprinkler Fitter… Do You?

Sprinkler fitters are an extremely important piece of the construction industry. As a sprinkler fitter, you’ll be required to install life and property saving fire protection in all kinds of buildings making this role uniquely inclusive of many different trades and knowledge. Sprinkler fitters should be mechanically inclined and able to learn quickly to do their best work in any environment.

Key requirements to be a great Sprinkler Fitter:

Keep an eye out for changes – every job posting is different, and every employer has their own preferences for their sprinkler fitter. Roles and responsibilities in every sprinkler fitter job description can include:

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Testing & Repairs

he repair, maintenance, and inspection of wet, dry, pre-action, deluge, and foam sprinkler systems as well as testing backflows and waterflows.


Develop a plan from full scale drawings of pipe systems, supports, and related equipment, following blueprints and specifications.

Material Selection

Select pipe sizes, types and related materials, such as supports, hangers, and hydraulic cylinders, according to specifications.


Modify, clean, and maintain pipe systems, units, fittings, and related machines and equipment, following specifications by using hand and power tools.

Unsure Of Next Steps To Become A Sprinkler Fitter? We’ve Got You:

  • Getting Started

    Completing a Sprinkler Fitter Apprenticeship Program

    Sprinkler fitter positions require the completion of a 4–5-year sprinkler fitter apprenticeship program before becoming a foreman. These apprenticeships are entry-level positions, so they’ll be paid, include benefits, and use on-site training assisting a foreman to prepare you for your own foremanship. Apprenticeship programs don’t generally require previous experience, but wage can range from $20-45 per hour depending on prior experience in a related field, like construction.
  • A Few Years In

    Requirements and Certifications for Sprinkler Fitter Positions

    Once you’ve completed your apprenticeship, companies hiring a sprinkler fitter will look for a high school degree or equivalent, and they love to see additional fire sprinkler fitter certifications like a portable technician license and NCCER certification. They might also require a driver’s license as sprinkler fitters often travel to different sites independently.

  • Ramping Up

    Requirements and Certifications for Sprinkler Fitter Positions

    Sprinkler fitters are crucial to the safety of a building and may even be called in emergency situations, meaning you could work evenings and weekends. However, work is generally regular and consistently Monday-Friday.

  • The Future

    Sprinkler Service Technician: A Customer Service-Focused Role in the Industry

    One of the most needed jobs in this industry is a sprinkler service technician. If you’ve been a fitter or a foreman and you’re ready for a change of pace, you may want to look into a technician position. Sprinkler service technicians are more customer service oriented and should be great troubleshooters to solve problems the customer may be experiencing.

  • A Few Years In


    After a couple of years working as an operator, the career path possibilities are vast. Here are just some of the roles you can move into: CNC operator II, machinist, tool maker, driver, QA technician, QC inspector, technician, and maintenance technician.

Here are some trends we’ve noticed in the Construction industry:

Keeping Up with Construction Industry Trends: Insights into Sprinkler Fitter Jobs, Hiring, and Related Roles


Project Engineer Job Trends

These five states have the highest average sprinkler fitter salaries:

  • 1. Washington, $102,301 avg. salary
  • 2. Minnesota, $93,076 avg. salary
  • 3. New Jersey, $91,217 avg. salary
  • 4.Wyoming, $86,827 avg. salary
  • 5.Alaska, $83,451 avg. salary 


Hiring Trends In The Construction Industr

With new technology advancing and different construction techniques emerging, construction companies are increasingly seeking employees with specialized skills and expertise, such as those related to sustainability, energy efficiency, and digital construction tools.


Mechanical Assembly Jobs

Look out for these related job tiles: 

  • Pipe Foreman
  • Instrument Fitter 
  • Sprinkler Service Technician 
  • Pipe Fitter
  • Pipe Fitter Helper 
  •  Pipefitter/welder  

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So, How Much Can You Earn?

We Think You Have What It Takes To Be Sprinkler Fitter… Do You?

A fire sprinkler fitter salary can range between $43-100k based on factors like experience, skill level, and environment. We know that’s a big range, and we know how daunting it can feel starting out. 

Here’s the break down:

Entry level median salary: $48,200 
Mid-level median salary: $73,100 
Senior level median salary: $78,300

Unsure Of Next Steps To Become A Sprinkler Fitter

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