Sales Engineer Career Path

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Mastering Project Management

Your expertise as a sales engineer empowers you to effectively communicate your product or service features, capabilities, integration points, and why it surpasses the competition. This enhances your ability to respond to customer inquiries with assurance, leading to higher sales and goals that are met.

Analytical & Problem-Solving

You are perceptive, recognize primary elements and patterns, and formulate an optimal solution within a specified time frame. As a problem-solver you are probably a fan of brainstorming, identifying patterns, evaluating data, and offering the best solutions to fit customer needs.

Project Management

You provide customers with a demonstration of a specific product or service and run proofs-of-concept (POCs) to show its value and promote the benefits it offers. In addition, as a project manager, you would monitor progress on the POCs and associated tasks and ensure plans remain current.

Sales Engineer Job Overview

We Think You Have What It Takes To Be A Sales Engineer, Do You?

Sales engineers are an essential piece of the puzzle that is industrial automation. They are regularly found in most B2B organizations that offer advanced scientific and technological goods and services. Supporting high-tech sales, sales engineers present cutting-edge solutions that remedy complex business challenges and production hindrances in automated or manufacturing operations.

Key Requirements To Be A Great Sales Engineer:

Keep an eye out for changes – every job posting is different, and every employer has their preferences. Here are the basic roles and responsibilities in every sales engineer job description:

speak with a recruiter

reparing & Developing

Technical presentations to explain a company’s products or service offerings to customers.

Processing & Logging

Client feedback and evaluating the data to create new sales and marketing strategies to target new customers.


With sales teams to understand customer requirements: provide adequate technical knowledge and sales support.

Researching & Modifying

Products/Service improvements to meet customers’ technical requirements and needs.

Provide Coaching

To sales associates to enhance their product knowledge, technical acumen, and technical sales skills.


Utilize analytical, process, and/or technical skills to meet project objectives within the project scope.

Unsure Of Next Steps To Become A Sales Engineer? We’ve Got You:

  • Getting Started

    Bachelor’s degrees in these fields are the most common starting point:

    Civil Engineering, Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering, Computer Science, and Business (Sales and/or Marketing)
  • A Few Years In

    Earn Certifications

    You can take many sales engineering courses to get certifications that showcase your knowledge and skill. Here are a few that you should consider: Certified Professional Sales Person (CPSP), Engineer in Training Certification (EIT), Project Management Professional (PMP), Professional Certified Marketer (PCM), & Sales Management

  • Ramping Up

    Gain Experience

    There is no replacement for professional experience and taking the time to advance your technical skills/knowledge. Once you spend several years as a sales engineer, you can decide if you want to move into a more technical or sales-oriented sales engineer role. Here are a few technical sales engineer career options to consider below: Subject Matter Expert (SME), Solution Architect, Systems Engineers (SE), & Product Evangelist

  • The Future

    Professional Organizations

    Professional organizations offer development and networking opportunities with other professionals in your field. Joining an organization shows you are committed to your profession and actively committed to your career development. A few sales engineering organizations are listed below: National Sales Network (NSN), North American Association of Sales Engineers (NAASE), & National Society of Sales Engineers (NSSE)

Here Are Some Trends We’ve Noticed In The Industry:

Keeping Up with Industry Trends: Insights into Sales Engineer Jobs, Hiring, and Related Roles


Sales Technology

With new technology advancing and different construction techniques emerging, construction companies are increasingly seeking employees with specialized skills and expertise, such as those related to sustainability, energy efficiency, and digital construction tools.


Industry Profile

More companies are starting to prioritize hiring sales engineers (employment industry trends). Research sales engineer positions in various industries such as industrial automation, computer science, manufacturing, and construction. Identify the types of companies you want to work for to get started!


Related Jobs

Once you start your career as a sales engineer there are several related jobs to consider:

Job Titles Similar to Sales Engineer:

  • Solutions Engineer
  • Solutions Consultant
  • Application Engineer
  • Sales Engineering Manager
  • Director of Sales Engineering

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So, How Much Can You Earn?

Let’s Talk Sales Engineer Salary

A sales engineer’s salary can range between $72,000-$200,000 based on factors like education, experience, and technical expertise. We know that’s a big range, and we know how daunting it can feel starting out.

Here’s the breakdown:

Entry-level avg. salary: $78,000
Mid-level avg. salary: $110,000
Senior-level avg. salary: $136,000

These five states have the highest sales engineering salaries:

1. Virginia: $110,699/avg salary
2. California: $107,495/avg salary
3. Maryland: $104,108/avg salary
4. New York: $102,985/avg salary
5. Arizona: $98,117/avg salary

A sales engineer’s salary can range between $72,000-$200,000 based on factors like education, experience, and technical expertise. We know that’s a big range, and we know how daunting it can feel starting out.

Sales Engineer at Work
Sales Engineer at Work

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