Production Manager Career Path

What is the role of a production manager? If you don’t know how to answer that question, you are in the right place. NCW is here to provide you with the most accurate information on a production manager job description, qualifications, and possible career path.

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The ability to build impactful and meaningful relationships is essential as a production manager working with employees, vendors, and customers. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day of this position, but it’s important to remain approachable and friendly to maintain these relationships.


As a manager you will be responsible for a slew of different things, so it is vital to be organized and very aware of all your moving parts. At times, you will have countless duties on your plate. You will need to be able to effectively and efficiently move from duty to duty.

Safety-first Mindset

Safety should always be top of mind for anyone in the field. As a manager, you are responsible for keeping your jobsite/workplace as safe as possible for not only your own employees but also customers coming in and out of the area.

Staffed Welder on the Job
Staffed Welder on the Job

Production Manager Job Overview

We Think You Have What It Takes To Be A Production Manager… Do You?

You may think there is a plethora of production manager qualifications that are required to successfully complete the job but becoming a production manager is attainable. There is no set path or rules you have to follow to get to where you want to be. With consistent and intentional work, you can become a great production manager!

Key requirements to be a great production manager: 

As a production manager you will be responsible for the coordination, planning, and implementation of all your facilities duties. Every employer has their own personal twist on the role, but these bullets should give you a good general idea of what they will be. Let’s take a look! 

Born To Lead

They possess the ability to rally their troops with motivation and foster a collaborative atmosphere.

Effectively Communicate

A production manager becomes the connecting link between employees, customers, and clients.

Provide Training

Equipping employees with the necessary skills and knowledge through well-structured training programs enables them to excel in their roles.

Ensure Safety

By conducting thorough safety checks,, a production manager safeguards both the physical and emotional well-being of their team.

You’ve Made It This Far, But Where Do You Go From Here?

  • Getting Started

    Putting in the Work

    Just like any industry, it is near impossible to just step right into a management role. You must first gain experience in the field and ensure you have a complete understanding of the facility. Without proper knowledge of how everything runs inside the facility you won’t be able to reach your full potential as a production manager.
  • Education and Training

    Production Manager Qualifications

    There is no production manager degree associated with the position. This allows easy entry into the space, but you will still have to put in the work to reach the manager level. Companies are really looking for individuals with management and production experience.

  • Ramping Up

    Growth Mindset

    As you grow in the facility, you will continue to take on more responsibilities. While you implement new strategies to improve and grow your facility, the right mindset can turn your efforts into successes. Having a growth mindset also helps because you are always trying to better yourself and your team.

  • The Future

    Regional Manager

    As a production manager, you might think you’ve hit the apex of your career, but you’d be surprised to learn there is still opportunity for career growth! One way to advance is becoming a regional production manager that oversees multiple facilities in a region instead of just one. This advancement is dependent on company structure, but it’s always a good thing to consider when looking for a career in manufacturing.

Here Are Some Trends We’ve Noticed In The Industry:

For those interested in embarking on their manufacturing career, it’s important to keep up with the trends in the industry. Don’t worry, we did all the digging for you! Here’s what we found!


Production Manager Trends

There are about 15,400 openings as a production manager each year, on average, this past decade. With an expected growth of 3% over the next decade.


Hiring Trends In Production And Manufacturing

Retail sales are shifting to e-commerce, which has created a higher demand for hands-on labor to fulfill the ever-increasing orders.


Related Jobs To Production Manager

Job titles often associated with production manager: material handler, facility manager, picker packer, production associate, and warehouse manager.

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So, How Much Can You Earn?

Production Manager Salary

A production manager’s salary can range between $73,000 and $151,000 based on factors like geographic location, economic conditions, company, and experience. We know that’s a wide range, and we know how daunting it can feel when you are just starting out. Here’s the break down:

Entry level avg. salary: $73,000 

Median avg. salary: $105,232

Senior level avg. salary: $151,000

A production manager’s salary can range between $73,000 and $151,000 based on factors like geographic location, economic conditions, company, and experience. We know that’s a wide range, and we know how daunting it can feel when you are just starting out. Here’s the break down:

Manufacturing Worker
Manufacturing Worker

Unsure Of Next Steps To Become A Production Manager?

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