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"Mitch helped me see how valuable my experience and skills were to the full-time position I was applying for. He motivated me and encouraged me through the entire interview process."
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With the hustle and bustle of the construction industry, it can be hard to find a name that you trust when searching for new construction superintendent jobs. It takes time and trust to find a new job opportunity to fit your needs and wants, so that’s why NCW is eager to help you get your name in the game.

At NCW, we work to find you the perfect fit with the right employer. Your wants and needs are put at the forefront of the recruiting process allowing you to be in your dream city with your dream job. Construction superintendent jobs are competitive, but they are in high demand, so that’s why right now is the perfect opportunity to advance your career.

Our recruiters work with you throughout the whole interview process ensuring that you have what you need to succeed. NCW provides 1 on 1 interview prep as well as access to our full library of interview resources. Get in contact with a construction superintendent recruiter today to advance your career.

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NCW is focused on building lasting relationships with those that we serve. Clear and concise communication with our clients is our number priority. From this, our team is able to provide top-notch candidates to fill important roles. 

When your team is looking to fill a construction superintendent job, we have the right people to do so. Our team specializes in placing construction professionals who have had previous experience in industrial, commercial, multi-family, and civil builds. You tell us your specialty, and we will find you top-notch talent that fit your needs.

NCW’s construction superintendent recruiters have a wide variety of resources they use to conduct searches for your team’s needs. In addition to 10+ recruiting platforms, our team houses 500,000+ experienced and relevant candidates in our proprietary database.


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NCW Headquarters

1,172 candidates

20+ years ago, NCW laid down its roots in Indianapolis, IN.

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NCW opened its 2nd office location in 2019.

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913 candidates

NCW opened its 5th office location in 2021.

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954 candidates

NCW opened its 4th office location in 2020.

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343 candidates

NCW opened its 5th office location in 2020.

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1,346 candidates

Greater Austin

773 candidates

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1,282 candidates

Greater Boise

163 candidates

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782 candidates

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909 candidates

Boston Metropolitan Area

510 candidates

New York Metropolitan Area

789 candidates

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849 candidates

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