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Maintaining Company Culture During Growth: NC-Dub Style

Here at NCW, we have some of the hardest workers you’ll ever meet. Not only do we work hard, but we also know how to have fun! We hang our hats on maintaining company culture during growth, and that culture starts with our energetic atmosphere and passion. We are passionate because we truly love what we do and the people we do it with. At NCW, we have come up with some great ways to create a fun environment at work, here are just a few!

Party Planning Committee 🎉

  • The marvelous PPC is the backbone that drives office fun and creativity. These wonderful guys and gals plan our annual NCW Olympics that everyone can compete in both virtually and here at HQ. The planning process doesn’t stop there as they also coordinate outings, pitch-ins, and the holiday party! Their events are an easy way of maintaining company culture during growth as we all get together to celebrate the different holidays and a great group of coworkers. However, possibly their most important duty is keeping our Friday Beers fridge stocked for the end of the work week.

    NCW team members pose for a picture as they enjoy a night out at an Indianapolis Indians baseball game this summer!
    Good times at an Indianapolis Indians game.

Unique Workspaces 🤫

  • From the penthouse to the shipping container, the loading dock to the brand-new double-decker Conex. You always have a choice between the bullpen’s upbeat energy or the shipping container’s peace and quiet. Whatever mood you’re in, you can always find a place to crank out your work, make calls, and occasionally goof around with some extraordinary people.

Please Don’t Stop the Music, Music, Music 🎵

  • We love to get jiggy with it here at NCW. As soon as you walk in the front door, you can hear beats emanating from the bullpen early in the morning. We got the beat flowing through the whole office at all times of the day, and anyone can take control of the Aux. However, everyone will let you know if you don’t play hits. You must pick a worthy playlist to maintain the vibe or hear more than one song before losing control of the mighty Aux.

TGIF Meetings 🤲

  • Our company-wide Friday meeting is always one to look forward to. All team members from every office come together (virtually and in-person) to share successes and failures from the week. This weekly check-in keeps us accountable to one another and to the organization. Beyond that, it’s always fun to hear what each team has going on and what they’re striving for. We always end our TGIF meeting with a mission moment that highlights an individual’s hard work and always ties back to our core values.

Reinforcements ➕

  • The internship program is always a crowd pleaser! Our interns get the opportunity to make an immediate impact unique to NCW. In the summer, our internship class is about 10-strong. We feed off of the energy they bring into the building. We even have quite a few former interns, now full-time employees, who play crucial roles in our success! This helps maintain company culture during growth as these individuals are already intertwined in our roots. Learn more about our internship opportunity that is like no other!

    2022 summer class of interns pose together during their first week at NCW.
    2022 Interns were a strong seven!

Chow Time 🍪

  • Lunch is easily one of the top three meals of the day, but it is also sacred because it’s the one meal you get to share with your coworkers. Often times, groups will gather to venture out for lunch throughout the week. Or, if you’re lucky, they will get it delivered, and you might get a chance to snag some of their leftovers! Snacks often come as well — Crumbl is a company favorite. We always have to try the new featured flavors.

Floral Friday 💮

  • An intern came in with a dream; that dream was to bring Hawaiian vibes to the office on Fridays with floral shirts. That intern was me, and that dream quickly became reality. Participation grew every week during the summer. It was an honor to see how many people jumped on board with an intern’s dream and helped ring in the weekend every Friday. This was a simple and easy way to make the office a fun environment!

    NCW employee holding their dog that is sporting a floral shirt.
    Special guest Benny rocks Floral Friday!

Equal Voice for Everyone 🎤

  • Everyone has their own voice at NCW, which is not by accident. We are fully aware that your title isn’t restrictive. You can still have a groundbreaking idea worth implementing. Our open-door policy also helps initiate conversations that may not have otherwise taken place. Why would we hire smart, creative, and hard-working people if we didn’t think they had anything to offer?

We Care About Our Community 💗

  • Because we are committed to going beyond our walls here at NCW, we have established our very own service committee that organizes local company service projects and fundraisers. In July, we hosted a local happy hour event in Indy to raise money for a Habitat for Humanity panel build in the Spring of 2023. It was a huge success that raised over $20,000! Habitat is just one of many organizations that we like to partner with. Some others include Wheeler Mission, St. Vincent de Paul, Skiles Test, and more found here: Community Involvement


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