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The Award

NCW has been named one of The Indianapolis Star – Top Workplaces for the second straight year. Sitting at #21, NCW is among the 108 companies and organizations in Central Indiana recognized as Top Workplaces for 2022. Determined entirely by employee survey feedback, the anonymous survey uniquely measures 15 culture drivers that are critical to the success of any organization. Eric Rubino, Energage CEO, said, “During this very challenging time, Top Workplaces has proven to be a beacon of light for organizations and a sign of resiliency and strong business performance.” A company’s core values are more important than ever, with individuals showing pride in who they are employed by and their work. In a society where mediocrity is often celebrated, we pride ourselves on being different from our competitors by staying committed to our people and pushing one another to be better. While these are not revolutionary concepts, it is certainly not the easiest to find in a workplace today. We plan to continue to create a workplace environment built on trust, motivation, inspiration, and engagement. 

Culture Drives Success

At NCW, we provide the brightest talent to the best companies. Our company was founded in 2000 as “National Construction Workforce.” We started operating in the construction industry, hence the name but now proudly operate in eight different industries. Our services have expanded since the company was founded, and we now place temporary and permanent candidates in positions that are the best fit for candidates and clients.

We asked around the organization about what our internal employees thought were the key factors in NCW being a Top Workplace for the second year in a row. We came up with three key takeaways based on employee feedback.

1. Environment of Trust

Over the last 22 years, our team has created a work environment filled with mutual trust. The following dynamic starts with our leadership team creating a low power-distance relationship with our employees. At NCW, everyone’s voice is heard and respected. NCW employee, Kevin Casey (Business Development) said, “NCW leadership is not on a pedestal. Everyone’s voice is heard throughout the organization regardless of positions or rank.” Whether in meetings or around the office, our employees can always count on being heard. We pride ourselves on believing “No idea is a bad idea.” We always want our employees to have the freedom to implement any initiatives or ideas that may result in individual or company success.

2. Environment filled with Motivation & Inspiration

We have grown a lot in recent years but still want to maintain a motivational and inspirational workplace that enables our employees to have the freedom to motivate each other positively. NCW employee, Damon Phelan (Director of Development) said, “Our offices are designed to be collaborative and to provide inspiration to one another to hit individual and company goals. Ideas can be brought up from anywhere in the organization and are always considered in strategy meetings and company-wide initiative meetings.” We pride ourselves on having a collaborative work environment that allows employees to work in teams to accomplish individual and company goals as a collective unit. There is nothing more fulfilling than working with a solid team that motivates one another and holds each other accountable.   

3. Employee Engagement

Our culture has created an environment for our employees to be emotionally connected to the organization. We want everyone to experience a sense of fulfillment for being a vital part of our team. Our employees remain engaged with one another and informed about each other’s individual goals and company goals. We want our employees to be excited to come to work every day and be proud to be a part of NCW. We have weekly organization-wide meetings on Friday where teams are engaged and discuss recent successes, opportunities, and failures. NCW employee, Caroline Stark (Brand Coordinator) said, “NCW isn’t short on camaraderie. We have a ‘party planning committee’ that works hard to make sure there are planned events for us to enjoy each other’s company inside and outside of the office. We know that hard-working people need to have doses of fun, and it’s part of what makes us so successful.” We also have frequent office events at our HQ in Indy and out-of-office events that allow our employees the ability to curate positive work relationships with one another. Our team is more than a workplace, and we consider ourselves a family. 


We are excited for what’s ahead for the rest of the year and honored to be a part of the Indianapolis Star Top Workplaces in 2022. According to a study by LinkedIn, 70% of professionals would not work at a leading company if they had to tolerate bad workplace cultures. Our company wants all employees to feel like they belong and can be themselves at work. One of our core values is “you belong” – we believe diversity and inclusion are vital to our culture and growth. Our team believes our dedication to our core values is a huge factor in being named a Top Workplace in consecutive years. We have invested ample time in creating a positive work environment where motivation, retention, production, and engagement are prioritized. This Indianapolis Star Top Workplace award is unique because the judges are your employees. Dan Mattingly, Vice President and Co-Owner of NCW, said, “Being a top workplace is topnotch.” Our team is thankful to be recognized for the culture and positive work environment seen at all our office locations. You can count on us to continue to add talented, creative individuals to our team and intentionally carry our culture beyond the workplace walls. Whether it is volunteering and leading in the greater Indianapolis community or ensuring the safety of our field employees through our field support and safety teams, we pride ourselves on being fiercely protective of the NCW family. If you are interested in a career at NCW, visit our join our team page on our website. What’s next? Stay up to date with NCW by following us on our social media channels and reading our other blogs.