NCW Intern Cohort 2021

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Interns are an integral part of creating an environment that fosters success. “We feed off of their (the interns) energy,” says VP Dan Mattingly. As valued members of the NCW team, our interns have a unique opportunity to make an impact right away and contribute to the success and growth of NCW, as well as benefit from personal and professional growth. With opportunities open to join Team NCW, former NCW interns turned current full-time employees and current interns share their NCW intern experience and encourage others to apply.  

Full-time Employees Reflect on their NCW Internship 

NCW has a strong track record of retaining interns, as many receive and accept full-time offers after their time as an intern. Caroline Stark, Ashley Steffes, and Lucas Rice are three of many former interns that have returned to NCW in full-time positions. 

Caroline Stark, Marketing Brand Coordinator, says “NCW set the bar really high as an ideal workplace,” when she was an intern.  After her internship at NCW, Caroline completed an internship and accepted a full-time job post-graduation at another company, but quickly realized just how special NCW was. When a position opened, Caroline jumped at the opportunity to return to NCW. She has been integral to the growth of the Marketing team at NCW. 

Ashley Steffes, Brand Coordinator for our marketing team and former recruiting intern for Direct Hire teams, shared, “the NCW experience is one like no other. As soon as I started as an intern, I was able to see myself making a major impact. When I had the opportunity to return full-time, I was able to contribute immediately and hit the ground running on projects that I wanted to implement.” The NCW team and office culture set a standard for what Ashley wanted out of an employer. 

Lucas Rice, Senior Recruiter at NCW, says his internship at NCW was a main factor in why he decided to come on board full-time when he was offered the opportunity. Compared to other internship experiences, Lucas felt his NCW experience allowed him to learn and develop.  Lucas shared that the “internship also really helped me when transitioning into my full-time role and it allowed me to have more success early on in my full-time role.” 


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Internship Spotlight: Kendall Jordan, Fall 2021 Marketing Intern 

We sat down with current intern, Kendall Jordan, to get a feel for her current experience as an intern on the marketing team. This is what she had to say.

As a current Marketing Intern at NCW, I can testify to the benefits that Caroline, Ashley, and Lucas shared. From the first day of my internship, I have felt welcomed, supported, trusted, and appreciated. I have been treated as a full-time employee including engaging in weekly Marketing team meetings and company-wide meetings, working on a range of projects to support the growth of our business, developing our relationships with clients and candidates, and observing the field employees at work through site-visits. Did I mention it has only been a month since I started my marketing internship with NCW? 

Through a range of dynamic projects, trainings, and meetings, I have felt that NCW is truly invested in my personal and professional growth. Beyond recurring tasks and monthly internship priorities, I have been supported to research and present ideas to improve NCW’s Marketing practices. I have been challenged and encouraged by the marketing team to learn platforms and skills that I have not had previous experience in, but wanted to learn, like Adobe Illustrator, creative writing, and public relations. The dedication to diversifying my experience and maximizing my skills differentiates an NCW internship from many other opportunities.

Upcoming Opportunities to Join Team NCW 

NCW is currently seeking an HR Intern. Are you ready to embark on your NCW intern experience? If so, click here to learn more about the job duties and requirements

NCW interns receive comprehensive onboarding with sales and marketing training, as well as shadowing and development opportunities. As previously mentioned, the direct access interns have to company leadership is a key differentiator from other internships. In addition to learning and growing from leadership exposure, interns will have an opportunity to learn from and connect with other talented interns from various universities through class bonding events. Interns will be able to develop new skills, engage in meaningful projects, and benefit from all that comes with being a member of the NCW family.  

To stay up to date on other internship positions that come available, check out the Join Our Team page on our website.

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