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This past summer, our direct hire division at NCW expanded and took a leap into our newest vertical – Accounting, Finance, Tax & Audit.  This space is one we have dabbled in for some time but are now full steam ahead with two new employees blazing the trail: Lauren Oakes and Matt Spainhour.

Lauren Oakes

Lauren is coming up on ten years in the Staffing and Recruiting industry.  Her time before NCW was spent at the largest staffing firm in the world as a Senior Executive Recruiter.

She embodies the “customer-first” mentality as her work ethic is predominantly relationship-based.  At the end of the day, Lauren wants what is best for the candidates and clients, even if that means she takes a cut on her end.  She values the long-lasting relationships over a one-time transaction.  Integrity is a priority and having open communication from the start allows Lauren to recruit with fairness throughout the process.  As simple as it is, she treats customers the way any human wants to be treated–with honesty, loyalty, and care.

After years in this industry, she knows the technical pieces inside and out.  That came with time and hard work.  What is not teachable, but rather deep-rooted, is paying attention and identifying the company cultural piece.  You want to enjoy who you work with.  If a candidate is extraordinary on paper yet does not fit the cultural environment of the company – neither party will receive the full benefits from the partnership. Lauren stresses that you must pay attention to personalities.

Overall, Lauren possesses persistence, keen listening skills, and an ability to match personalities of candidates and clients alike.  We are looking forward to all she will bring to our team!

Matt Spainhour

Matt Spainhour brings over five years of experience in the Banking and Mortgage industry that he gained prior to his last three years spent in Staffing and Recruiting for the industry.  He worked as an Account Executive at a large staffing and recruiting agency focusing on Accounting and Finance before making his shift to NCW.

Matt and Lauren both share a common dedication to their work ethic. Matt values his ability to make genuine connections.  To put it simply, he is here for the long game.  His past colleagues explain how he puts an emphasis on building relationships through transparency, consistency, and dependability.  Matt’s reputation for being reliable is no doubt a result of his constant communication with his clients and candidates.

At NCW he will be in the Accounting and Finance vertical of our business specifically focusing on Mortgage.  “The bottom line is, I enjoy what I do.  I want to continue building long-standing relationships to match clients and candidates with their needs.”

We are thrilled to welcome Lauren and Matt to our team.  Both new hires know the dedication and grit it takes to deliver the results clients are looking for.  They will be based out of the Denver office, continuing to do business throughout the country.

Who is NCW?

We are a 20-year-old staffing and recruiting company based in Indianapolis, IN, that brings the best companies the brightest talent.  At NCW, we have a drive for the people side of the business, exemplifying our passion and resilience in each avenue of our company.  Our eight core industries are: Accounting, Finance, Tax & Audit; Construction; Engineering; Insurance & Financial Services; Manufacturing; Professional Services; Sales & Business Development; Supply Chain & Distribution.  Each industry hires candidates based on temporary, temporary-to-hire, and direct hire paths.

We continue deliver exceptional staffing and talent solutions that drive results.  Here at NCW, People Matter.  Let us show you that we mean it.