Location: Indianapolis, IN
Category: Engineering
Employment Type: Permanent

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Roles and Responsibilities – Applications Engineer
Position Overview:
An Applications Engineer is crucial in bridging the gap between product management and customer
satisfaction. This role involves working closely with both internal teams and external customers to
understand application requirements, provide technical support, and ensure that the company's
products meet customer needs. Applications Engineers are responsible for delivering technical
expertise and solutions that enable the successful implementation and utilization of the company's
Success in this role also depends on following our core values. These core values are the
foundation of our culture and guide our actions, decisions, and interactions. They encompass principles
such as integrity, collaboration, and customer focus, essential for fostering a positive and productive
work environment.
Customer Support:
 Provide technical support to both external customers and internal teams, addressing inquiries,
troubleshooting issues, and resolving technical challenges related to the company's products and
 Collaborate with customers and internal stakeholders to understand their specific requirements
and offer tailored solutions to meet their needs.
 Maintain strong customer relationships, including internal customers, by ensuring timely and
effective communication. Keep internal teams informed as developments occur rather than later
stages to enhance collaboration and problem-solving efficiency.
Product Knowledge:
 Develop and maintain an in-depth understanding of the company's products, including their
features, capabilities, and applications.
 Stay updated on product updates, enhancements, and new releases to provide accurate and
relevant information to customers.
Application Testing and Validation:
 Conduct testing and validation of the company's products in various real-world applications to
ensure their performance and reliability.
 Analyze test results and provide feedback to the product development team for continuous
RMA Processing:
 Receive and review customer requests for product returns, verifying eligibility and compliance
with company policies.
 Coordinate the RMA process, including issuing RMA numbers, preparing return labels, and tracking
returned products promptly.
 Work closely with customers and internal teams to resolve issues and address return-related
inquiries promptly.
Quality Control:
 Inspect returned products to determine their condition and compliance with return policies.
 Collaborate with product managers to assess product defects and ensure that returned items meet
quality standards.
 Communicate findings to relevant departments for further action, such as product improvements
or customer notifications.
Reporting and Documentation:
 Generate reports on return trends, reasons for returns, and product defects to provide insights for
product improvement and customer satisfaction enhancement.
 Maintain detailed documentation of the RMA process, including records of returned products and
communications with customers and suppliers.
 Utilize MS tools such as Teams to communicate the RMA Process status and store documentation.
Technical Documentation:
 Create and maintain technical documentation, including application notes, user guides, white
papers and troubleshooting guides, to assist customers in using the products effectively.
 Prepare reports and documentation for internal use to share insights and findings from customer
 Collaborate closely with cross-functional teams, including sales, marketing, and product
development, to align customer requirements with product development efforts.
 Act as a technical liaison between customers and internal teams, ensuring clear communication
and coordination.
Training and Education:
 Conduct training sessions, webinars, boot camps and workshops for customers to educate them
on using the company's products and their applications properly.
 Provide training to internal teams to enhance their technical understanding of customer needs.
Feedback and Improvement:
 Gather feedback from customers regarding product performance, usability, and features.
 Use customer feedback to contribute to product improvement and development roadmaps.
Problem Solving:
 Analyze complex technical problems and develop innovative solutions to address them.
 Troubleshoot technical issues and work towards their resolution in a timely manner.
Compliance and Quality Assurance:
 Ensure that products comply with industry standards, regulations, and quality standards.
 Assist in quality assurance processes and provide input for product certification.
Continuous Learning:
 Stay current with industry trends, emerging technologies, and best practices to maintain technical
 A technical diploma related to electrical. An engineering degree is a plus.
 Strong technical and analytical skills.
 Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
 Problem-solving ability and attention to detail.
 2D and 3D AutoCAD is a plus.
 Customer-focused mindset.
 Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
Working Conditions:
Applications Engineers typically work in an office or lab setting, but the nature of the role may require
occasional travel to customer sites or manufacturing facilities. The work environment may involve
exposure to various technical equipment, tools, and computer systems. The job often follows a
standard full-time workweek, but occasional overtime or weekend work may be necessary, especially
when dealing with urgent customer issues or product launches.