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Introducing Our Newest Recruit- Jennifer Schmitt 

      Earlier this month we hired the very talented Jennifer Schmitt to work at our headquarters in Indianapolis, IN. Jennifer is a native Hoosier herself and she brings a lot to the team dynamic. Jennifer has over 10 years of recruiting, marketing, and development experience in the Insurance and Financial Services Industries. We are excited to expand our business further into the Insurance and Financial Services Industries with her leading the charge. Prior to coming to NCW, Jennifer worked at OneAmerica and Colonial Life where she managed at the director and regional levels for the talent operations of both organizations. The insurance and financial industries are hard to recruit talented individuals unless you have a dedicated and experienced team. Jennifer and NCW have the skills and abilities to help clients in tough talent situations. Jennifer stated, “NCW is different, the passion and dedication is crazy here (NCW), you can see the excitement from the team in the first discovery meeting.” Our clients see early on what sets us apart from other organizations. Jennifer stated that her best asset is that she “gets down to the nitty gritty with candidates and clients to provide the most fulfilling experience.” NCW is willing to go the extra mile and provide our clients with the best talent at the right time for them.

      Jeff Utzinger, the Director of our Talent Solutions sector of NCW states, “For a few years now, we have been very in tune to the hiring and retention challenges the Insurance & Financial Services sector is experiencing for producers and advisors, and we see no signs of it getting easier in the years to come.  NCW has had successful engagements with financial services organizations, supporting their recruiting efforts as an outsourced partner, and now Jennifer Schmitt will help us grow and evolve in this space very quickly. Jennifer not only brings a wealth of experience and connections to NCW, but more importantly she shares our core values and fits in well with our culture…something we are fiercely protective of.”

      While we want to grow this vertical market quickly, we need to do it with the right partners and only with engagements where we can add value and produce measurable results. Jennifer’s background in recruiting, marketing, and development is a great segway into her new career here at NCW as a Professional Recruiter and Business Development Representative. Jennifer in her new role will be working closely with prospective clients and outlining potential recruitment engagements.  Once client programs are secured, Jennifer will lead the charge with our recruitment efforts and delivering top talent to our customers. Jennifer’s goals here at NCW are to grow, expand, and be the full cycle talent source for the industry. Jennifer is not fearful of a challenge and firmly believes that with her skills and NCW behind her we will help great talent and companies.

Who, What, When, Where, Why- NCW

      NCW was originally founded in 2000 to aid Construction organizations with their Staffing and Recruiting needs but since our founding we have expanded immensely into various industries and markets such as Manufacturing, Sales, and so much more. Now in 2020 we have worked with a variety of clients and candidates and we plan to expand even more throughout this year. We are growing, helping our clients achieve their goals, and pairing talented individuals with great companies. We plan to help and serve our current clients and potential clients by helping them achieve their goals however big or small they may seem. We want to help every company achieve their talent goals by using our strengths and recruiting horsepower for the good of our clients. We specialize in temp, temp-to-hire, staffing, direct hire, and RPO. With recruiters, business development representatives, clients, and candidates all around the US and Canada no company or client is out of reach for us. We want to help as many clients and candidates as possible while still staying true to our core values;More than a voice behind a call, deep-rooted partnerships, a will to win, fiercely protective of the NCW family, and going beyond our walls.

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