Case Study: A Top 5 Largest Non-union Electrical Contractors Needs Laborers in ND

North Dakota map
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Their Challenge:

Beginning in early 2012, National Construction partnered with one of the top five largest non-union electrical contractors in the country to supply licensed journeymen electrician in the state of North Dakota. With energy mining and drilling operations in the western half of the state, and major flood repair operations being undertaken in the northeastern portion of the state, already thin manpower resources have been stretched to the brink. The vast majority of licensed ND electricians are already working and thus tough to connect with.

Our Solution:

National Construction acted swiftly in utilizing our national network of labor to draw from states where electrical licenses reciprocate with North Dakota. These resources and tactics, along with maintaining constant lines of communications with the state electrical board, have allowed us to activate licenses for ready and willing labor within just a few short weeks. Our pool of licensed, and potentially licensed (via reciprocations) North Dakota electricians continues to grow as we continue to constantly recruit. Please keep us in mind for any upcoming projects!