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Case Study: Major National Electrical Subcontractor

Their Challenge:

Major national electrical subcontractor won a large project in the ski-resort, mountain region west of Denver, CO. After investigating travel and lodging logistics, they didn’t feel it feasible to send their own manpower, nor did they think they would find enough skilled local labor to successfully complete the project.

Our Solution:

National Construction Workforce used its national network of traveling skilled labor, combined with our proprietary Progeny database, to successfully man the job with a combination of local labor and Midwestern and Mid-South regional labor. The project was able to be staffed under budget, at a profitable margin for our client and our client’s client. In addition to journeyman and apprentice support personnel, National Construction successfully supplied field leadership positions capable of supporting our client’s on-site project management. Matt Ferguson also was able to support in a field leadership and administrative capacity on a weekly basis, being dispatched from our Western office in Denver.